Struggling to think of ways to spend the extra day you have this year? The additional twenty-four hours we get every Leap Year could be used to do anything – according to Irish folklore, February 29th is the ideal day to propose to someone! 

However, if you’re looking to do something a little less life-changing to celebrate this Leap Year, we’ve come up with 29 other things to do on February 29th

  1. Set goals for the next four years 

Where do you want to be this time in 2028? Set yourself a few goals and make a plan for how you’re going to reach them over the next four years. 

  1. Learn a new skill 

Have you always wanted to try something and never got round to learning it? Whether it’s painting, plate-spinning, or maybe even writing a press release, there’s no time like the present to start learning a new skill! 

  1. Do some volunteering 

Charities are always looking for additional volunteers, and it’s a great way to meet new, like-minded people whilst giving back to your local community. Here’s a round-up of how we’ve supported some causes that are near and dear to our team to help inspire you!  

  1. Start a new book 

There aren’t many better feelings than settling down with a good book. Try and read something from the back of the shelf that you haven’t got round to yet. 

  1. Spend a day away from social media 

Stop scrolling, turn off your notifications, and enjoy the benefits of a social media detox. You may find you want to spend longer than a day away! 

  1. Make a time-capsule 

Make a mini time-capsule with a February 29th newspaper, some photographs of you and your family, and a letter to your future self, to open in four years’ time. 

  1. Learn a new cooking recipe 

Cook something you’ve never made before and see how it goes – it might become a new favourite! Check out our Meet the Team blogs for some Friday night dinner inspiration! 

  1. Take a trip to the cinema 

Visit the cinema and see one of the latest film releases

  1. Go for a walk 

Enjoy the fresh air (weather-permitting!) and go for a walk around your local area. 

  1. Have a self-care day 

Indulge in some rest and relaxation by enjoying a face mask and a warm bath. It’s a great way to reset and refresh your mind for the month ahead. 

  1. Try a new hobby 

Take up a fun or interesting hobby, like a new sport or a creative endeavour. The next challenge is to keep it up! In our team, Nicola would like to take up horse-riding, Nicole would like to learn piano, and Stef wants to re-learn how to use a sewing machine! 

  1. Binge watch a TV show 

Whether you’re viewing something for the first time, or rewatching a series you’ve seen ten times already, it’s an easy way to let the hours pass by. Our current office favourites are One Day, Selling the OC, Kin, and The Curse.  

  1. Work out your age in leap years 

Divide your age by four and see how old you are in leap years. Our agency would be turning five this year! 

  1. Take a trip 29 miles away from home 

Find a place exactly 29 miles away from where you live and visit it. 

  1. Declutter and tidy 

Take some time to tidy up the clutter that’s been gathering on your desk or in your house. 

  1. Make a list of your 29 favourite things 

Write a list of the 29 things you love most; films, books, tv shows, albums! Take a look at one of our blogs for some inspiration.  

  1. Start learning a new language 

Decide which language you want to learn and begin by starting on the basics. Maybe even set yourself a goal to learn a certain number of words within the next year. In our office, Nicola learnt French up to A Level, Abi is currently learning Greek, and Stef knows French, German, and Spanish! 

  1. Paint a picture 

Get creative and paint a picture of something – your home, your family, your pets, anything! 

  1. Do some baking 

Get ready to fill in your future Great British Bake Off application by making some elaborately decorated buns. Our Leap Day fuddle will definitely include some baked goods! 

  1. Watch the movie ‘Leap Year’ 

Celebrate the leap year by watching the movie with the same name, starring Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, and Adam Scott. 

  1. Take an educational class 

Check out the adult learning courses in your area and find something new to learn or develop your skills in a field you already know. 

  1. Go bowling 

Visit a bowling alley and try to score a strike or two. 

  1. Visit a museum 

Go to a museum in your local town or city and fill your brain with new knowledge. 

  1. Attend a live performance 

See what today’s local gig and theatre listings are and pick your preference. 

  1. Practice meditation 

Watch a YouTube video, or download an app, and start practicing ten minutes of mindfulness to help with stress and anxiety. 

  1. Catch up with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while 

Phone, video-call, or text somebody that you haven’t spoken to in a few months, from old school friends to faraway family members. 

  1. Create a 29-song playlist 

Make a playlist containing 29 of your favourite songs, or challenge yourself to find songs referencing the leap year. 

  1. Do something you’ve been procrastinating 

That annoying task you’ve been putting off doing for the past few months? Now’s the perfect time to get it out of the way! 

  1. Make some future predictions 

Everything that’s happened since the beginning of 2020 has been seemingly impossible to predict, but what do you think the world will look like in four years’ time? Will we be bowing down to our new AI overlords yet? 

If you’ve got to the end of the list and you’re STILL looking for things to do on February 29th, why not check out our blog

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Ellie Howorth
At Faith, Ellie is in charge of helping to plan media outreach and build media lists, creating weekly social media posts across various channels, and writing quality and interesting content.