One thing we hear a lot is “why should my business use Facebook?” Well, there is no one answer for this as there are heaps of reasons why you should, and we’re here to help people realise what these are and the best ways to implement them.



The primary reason to be on Facebook is to engage with the people who are relevant to your brand, be it customers, potential customers or staff. Even if you’re a B2B brand, it’s easy to forget that people who work in your customer’s businesses will most likely have their own personal Facebook account and are still receptive to brand messages outside of the office.

Facebook is a great testing ground to see how people interact with your content while helping to potentially generate a greater awareness of your brand. Although your organic reach may be limited due to Facebook’s algorithms, it’s worthwhile knowing the size and quality of your audience.


Facebook offers free insights into your audience demographics, post reach and the times/days your audience is most likely to be online – perfect for getting to know more about your online audience when you’re not too familiar with Google Analytics.

Get to know your way around this to improve organic scheduling. You’ll be able to find out which type of posts are getting a lot of engagement and more about the people who are actively engaging with you.


Using the knowledge from your page’s insights, you can use Facebook’s diverse targeting to promote adverts to the people who you care about. There are a wide range of categories including location, interests, job titles and behaviours. Use different campaign objectives to achieve the desired action from your audience.


If you want to target your existing audience on Facebook, you can build a new list using the information you have on file to directly target your customers. Another option available is to build a lookalike audience which is similar to those interested in your brand, allowing you to reach a new audience who are potentially interested in what you have to offer.


Use Facebook as a tool to direct an online audience to your website where you can direct people to specific pieces of content, raise your brand awareness or collect additional information. Make use of well-thought-out adverts with clear objectives to bring Facebook in line with your overall marketing strategy.

So now you’ve got to know more about Facebook,
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