We are renowned for our expertise in digital marketing at Faith, as well as having been recognised for our work as a PR agency for 15 years! When our clients started to come to us with marketing tasks, it became apparent that the perfect combination for business growth for our clients is a combination of both PR and digital marketing strategies.

We offer a range of digital marketing services including: 

  • Social media management 
  • Web design  
  • SEO 
  • Influencer outreach and communications 
  • Graphic design  
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social media advertising  
  • Reporting and analytics  
  • Overall digital marketing strategy and planning 

How will digital marketing services grow your business? 

In the digital world that we currently live in, ensuring that you have an online presence is vital to keep your business going and growing.  

Did you know that 5.4 billion people use Google every day? It is now more vital than ever before to have your business listed online, for both brand awareness and recognition.  

Although ‘word of mouth’ marketing has proved one of the most successful ways of marketing since the beginning of business, digital marketing provides the opportunity to widen our audiences to millions of people.  

Our team of digital-savvy experts at Faith, have years of experience and combined expertise to boost your business to the top of the digital world.  

Knowing how to soar on social media, fly-high on Google with high SEO rankings, as well as appear clean and professional with fresh web design and overall multi-media content design and curation, are just some of the digital marketing areas of expertise within the team 

If you are looking to take a leap into the digital world, it’s essential to do so using the correct strategy and approach, analysing every aspect of your online market for optimal results.  

How we do digital at Faith – from web design to top ranking SEO copywriting to social media marketing, we have you covered! 

We cover just about every digital marketing service you would need to get noticed online, and ultimately boost your business to brand new heights.  

Initially, we begin by looking at your business in a digital sphere and your overall business objectives. Where have you made a start with your online journey? What platforms can we utilise for awareness and recognition? How can we best design your website to suit your audience and fit the perfect user experience? Analysing every possible direction, we can take in marketing is the most important step, ensuring we do not miss an angle in our approach.  

We then begin putting the building blocks in place with our onboarding processes, putting our digital brains together to create the best landing page or website design and usability to suit your both brand and your ideal customers, to ensure click- throughs and conversions.  

From  here, we can start laying an initial foundation for social media, considering things like ‘what are your main content points? What is your brand voice? How many times a week will you post?’  

Creating a social content plan is a starting point to lay out every bit of information we want to shout about on behalf of your business. Included in this plan, we create original content to visually display your products or service, through graphic design, animations or professional static imagery.  

To give your online presence that extra boost, we will represent your business in professional influencer outreach and engagement to create original social content to a wider audience.  

As well as this, our specialist digital team have extensive knowledge of social advertising, to push valuable content out to specific target audiences to gain the maximum ROI (return on investment).  

We create our social ad campaigns with a three-step approach; one to target a specific lookalike audience to your existing customers, one to retarget those who have visited your website in the past 30 days, and one to target those that are in the market for what you offer.  

We also strategise how we are going to reach as many people as possible from an organic perspective, using search-engine optimisation (SEO) in our copywriting to rank highly for frequently searched terms within your sector, as well as using outreach and targeted hash- tagging on social media to branch out your possible audience even further.  

At the end of the month, we round up successful stats from your digital marketing services in a monthly report, reviewing what worked well, and what perhaps didn’t work so well, actioning both points for month-on-month successful growth.  

Combining our digital marketing services with our award-winning public relations and storytelling skills, we are your number one marketing agency for growth! 

Do you want to branch out your digital presence? Get in touch today.  

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Abigail Henderson Account Manager
At Faith, Abigail is responsible for helping to manage client accounts and deliver communications plans, alongside crafting digital campaigns, designing client visuals, and landing features across a range of industries.