Online retailer Approved Food is celebrating its 10th anniversary by cutting customer delivery charges by half.

The company – the UK’s biggest exclusively online retailer of surplus food and drink – was established a decade ago with a range of just 50 items.

Since then, Approved Food has processed orders for in excess of 60 million items, with customers saving an average of £66 on their weekly shop. In total, savvy shoppers have saved an estimated £40m on the RRP of products sold.

Approved Food specialises in selling products that would otherwise go to waste. These include short-dated food and drink, as well as ‘problem stock’ such as cancelled orders and goods with outdated packaging or in less popular flavours. Today’s extensive range goes way beyond food, soft drinks and alcohol, with around 6,000 products on offer including household goods, wines and spirits, health and beauty products and luxury gifts.

Director Andy Needham estimates that the company has so far prevented thousands of tonnes of perfectly good items going to waste.

Andy said: “We are extremely proud of the business we have established, around our key principles of convenience, great value, customer service and reducing food waste. Over the past 10 years, we have expanded our range of goods dramatically, building excellent relationships with our suppliers to enable us to bring our customers the very best deals.

“Not only that, but we are constantly stepping up our campaign to reduce food waste. Our newly appointed brand ambassador, Jonathan Straight, will help us in our fight to cut the shocking amounts of perfectly good food wasted every year in the UK.”

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Approved Food has dramatically reduced its delivery charges. Customers can enjoy free delivery on orders over £55, while a single 55cm3 box of goods weighing up to 25kg can be delivered for just £3. Two boxes (up to 50kg) cost £6 and three boxes £9 – savings of more than 50% on previous prices.

When you consider it costs 70p to send a 100g letter, £3 for up to 25kg is exceptional value when combined with the savings to be made on goods purchased.

Andy added: “The way that we shop has changed beyond recognition in the 10 years since we started. With the introduction of smartphones and the convenience of delivery direct to your door it’s easier than ever to save money and try new things.

“Last year alone, we processed almost 90,000 orders totalling £4m – for goods worth more than double that at their regular retail value. Not only does this represent amazing savings for our customers, but it diverts perfectly good items from going to waste, meaning the environment benefits too.”

Highlights of the past 10 years include TV appearances on Dragons’ Den, Loose Women and Food Fighters. In May, Approved Food was praised by the then Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove for its work to reduce food waste through awareness of the difference between use by and best before dates.