Public relations is all about maintaining and enhancing the public perception and reputation of a business or individual.

This can be done in countless different ways. From creating robust, out of the box campaigns, to refined SEO blogging and bespoke social media strategies, the content you provide is typically influenced by your clients’ messaging, target audience and wider objectives.

As a Brighouse-based agency, Faith provides varying services to many different clients, both local and national, and has won several awards over the last 14 years for its PR activity.

Winning awards for your work is always nice and goes a long way to building up the awareness and trust of any PR agency. However, this kind of recognition is usually the end product of excellent PR planning and execution.

But what steps should you take to ensure your work is top shelf? Our PR Account Manager Tom Alderson has provided some insight into what it takes to become an award-winning PR agency.

Making an award-winning PR agency

Standing out from the crowd

The public relations and wider marketing space is increasingly congested and so standing out can sometimes be difficult. It is important as an agency to highlight what you do particularly well and what your point of difference is compared to competitors.

PR content which offers originality, authority and intrigue is likely to attract the right sort of attention when it comes to making waves in the PR space. This can be achieved by identifying a clear, newsworthy topic that is aligned with your client’s messaging and goals, and delivering it in a way that makes people sit up and take notice.

Whether it’s an eyebrow-raising piece of research, an attention-grabbing visual asset or a ground-breaking trade event, being able to deliver these clearly and concisely will help cut through the noise and propel your client’s message and brand into the public eye, enhancing the reputation of your agency in the process.

Understand your audience

Gaining an understanding of your target audience before the planning stage is vital to help maximise the impact of any work for your clients.

If you know what interests and engages your audience, you can ensure any content put in front of the right people at the right time will generate as much value as possible for your clients.

Delivering results

Ultimately, not all PR success is quantified by traditional results, such as brand mentions in the media or links back to a client website, but it is important to establish KPIs that you know will benefit your clients in the right way.

Delivering tangible results will not only raise the profile and perception of your client but your agency as well as a by-product. Establishing yourself as an agency known for producing a high quality of work, with a track record of achieving sustained results across different sectors and subject matters will put you in the framework to receive recognition and accolades.

Executing excellent PR planning

Planning is essential to any award-winning public relations or marketing activity. Setting out your objectives with your client will allow you to build a methodology and timeline to create the most impactful and effective PR strategy and content possible.

Timing is everything and knowing when to pull the trigger on a campaign, website overhaul or social media campaign is vital.

As such, part of your PR planning should always include having your finger on the pulse when it comes to the news agenda and relevant awareness days.

Is there a topic dominating the media landscape within your client’s sector? Can we align our client’s messages positively with the news cycle? These are the type of questions to ask when thinking about the execution and delivery of any PR strategy.

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