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Did you know research has been carried out that shows individual employees become less productive as the size of the team increases?

Working in a small team can start to feel like being part of a family because everyone knows each other and they’re all working towards the same goal. Knowing, and being able to, talk to everyone improves the atmosphere in the office and it’s also easier to ask for feedback on something when everyone you work with is sat in close proximity. Spending your working week with the same small team and attending team-building events, Christmas parties or team nights out can create a well-oiled machine and a smooth-running office.


With only a few employees, it’s much easier for directors/managers to have a catch up with their employees on an individual level to ensure the person is happy with their work, are on track and aren’t having any problems – and vice-versa. It’s much easier for an employee to go directly to their Managing Director with any issues rather than a concern going through a hierarchy before the problem is solved.


In a small team, you may be asked to take on some of your colleague’s work to help them out or to cover their day off. It makes for a more varied day, keeps your job interesting and allows you to get the most out of your position. It also allows you to try new things and perhaps discover skills and abilities that you never knew you had and may even enjoy. Taking on new tasks will broaden your skill-set and responsibilities that you’re able to transfer to other areas of your life.


It’s much easier for everyone to be kept in the loop and up to date with new developments on a project. Meetings can be arranged quicker as there are fewer diaries for meetings to conflict with and less time is wasted bringing everyone up to speed. Conversations can happen a lot quicker when there are a smaller amount of people in them which speeds up the process of auctioning things and getting jobs done.

No matter what size your team is, there’s nothing more than keeping them happy
Here are a few things to consider

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Nicole Jowett