The nature of our work across a number of clients challenges us not only to put brands and their messages in front of the right people, but also to make the content engaging enough to resonate with a wider audience.

Many of our clients require an effective B2B (business to business) PR solution that places their services in front of potential customers, and often across a wide range of specialised industries. It is usually, but not always, the case that the clients’ services are applicable and relevant to the industry we are targeting, but media platforms are naturally unwilling to publish copy that reads merely as sales patter.

And many other outlets may be hesitant to run a jargon-filled article, laced with acronyms and industry-speak, as it is unlikely that it will appeal to their readership. Even if an article does make it over the line and is published, if it is not readable or interesting then it is unlikely to do the job intended.

You must create a piece of copy that ticks all of the client’s boxes in terms of calls to action and the customer journey and overall brand awareness, while telling a story, reporting news or offering a unique insight in order to meet the publisher’s requirements.



Nobody is interested in a news story that’s six weeks old, so present your copy as a news story that is reporting on very recent events


Learn about exactly who you are speaking to and find out what matters to the publication, and their readers, by identifying current narratives or ‘hot topics’


It is much more effective to take a considered approach to a handful of targeted media contacts, rather than hitting as many as you can with the same message


Tweak your news story to suit different audiences. Even small changes to the introduction of a piece of copy can greatly increase its effectiveness


The business audience you are speaking to is authoritative in its own field, and you are expected to be in yours. Interpret industry changes and present them to your audience in a way that is digestible.

Effectively placing items in business media, and delivering an effective business to business campaign, is not an exact science. But, by saying the right things, to the right people, at the right time, you can dramatically increase your chances of success.

You must also be able to demonstrate an authority and knowledge about the subject, or you will not be considered for publication, nor perhaps even taken seriously.

While business to business PR can often be uninspiring, by finding a relevant news angle or by offering a valuable insight, you can deliver content that is engaging and interesting. It means you also deliver results for your client, especially when it comes to positioning them as a thought leader, a successful brand and an organisation that delivers results for its customers.

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