The majority of Brits have serious concerns about the future of the NHS after Brexit, with more than half worried it will be privatised.

Research* among 2,010 UK residents by Thornton & Ross (T&R) found that younger people in particular feared for the future of the health service after the UK fully leaves the EU, with more than half (55 per cent) of those aged 18-34 saying they were worried or very worried that it would be privatised. A specific concern among all age groups was American involvement in the NHS.

Of slightly less concern was the availability and cost of medicines. Just over a third (39 per cent) were worried about the supply of important remedies while 46 per cent expressed fears that the price of over-the-counter medication would rise.

The research was carried out by T&R’s parent company STADA, into attitudes towards health-related matters of 24,087 respondents across 12 European countries as part of its 2020 Health Report. A section on the future of health services after Brexit was asked exclusively to the 2,010 UK respondents aged between 18 and 99.

The report looks at a wide range of health-related topics, from sexual health and contraception to vaccination and genetic diseases.

It also examined attitudes to the NHS since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with three-quarters expressing a deep gratitude for healthcare workers – the highest figure in Europe.

People in this country were also more worried about the possibility that someone they know could die from coronavirus than dying from it themselves, with over half identifying this as a major concern, compared with 39 per cent who feared becoming infected. A third were concerned that a Covid-19 vaccine had still not been found.

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