Salon for the Soul: Successful Halifax mental health community event returns for third time.  

A Calderdale hairdressing salon and psychological therapist have joined forces to host an evening of mental health and wellbeing this February to give members of the local community the mental ammunition of how to feel safe in uncertain times. 

Salon for the Soul is the brainchild of arts psychotherapist and social enterprise ‘Light of Mind’ founder Mary Franklin-Smith and Haris Tyler, owner of the boutique hairdressing salon Haus of Haris inside Halifax’s Westgate Arcade. 

Salon for the Soul was first launched in September 2022 with subsequent events growing in popularity each time.  

Delegate feedback from the first two events has included: ‘Listening to Mary speak. I found her inspiring, captivating, and genuine.’; and ‘It was so interesting the time just flew and couldn’t believe it when there were only five minutes left.’ 

The next event will be on 2 February 2023 from 7– 8.30pm. Guests will be offered hot beverages and cake and invited to sit and listen ton experimental talk focused on ‘how to feel safe in uncertain times’, exploring the present sense of internal safety when life feels scary and unknown. 

Speaking of the event, Mary said:” Haris and I birthed the idea together during my hair appointments. He had a keen interest in mental health and our conversations were always around how he, as a hairdresser, would regularly hear a lot from his clients about their lives. Haris is used to caring for his clients on the ‘outside’ and as a arts psychotherapist, I am trained to help people have an embodied experience of their own internal mental health– both are incredibly important, and in these events, we are aiming on finding a bridge between an outside in and an inside out approach to wellbeing.” 

“With NHS waiting times and a lot of uncertainty around the cost of living and post-pandemic life, we really wanted to explore how we could help the local community, on a small spectrum that wouldn’t cost a lot and give people a mental toolbox or a push in the right direction to find their inner peace,” continued Haris. 

Tickets are priced at £15 each and places are limited to 30 people to create an intimate atmosphere within the salon. Sweet treats will be provided by local bakery Lucy’s Little Bakehouse. 

To purchase tickets, please visit: Salon for the Soul: How to feel safe with uncertainty Tickets, Thu 2 Feb 2023 at 19:00 | Eventbrite