With the festive season in full swing, many of us are thinking about the Christmas celebrations and nights out. To avoid any problems in the office and to ensure that a festive time is had by all, Digital PR account manager Matthew Fraser shares his Christmas party ideas and top tips to ensure your office Christmas party is a success.

Include everyone

When planning any Christmas festivities, it is important to include all team members and consider their needs and personal preferences. Whether that be dietary requirements, not drinking alcohol or religious beliefs. Any Christmas event needs to be inclusive and welcoming for the whole team and not just for a handful of team members. Consider some of the following points:

  • For any under 18 employees – will they be allowed in the venue?
  • For an activity-based event – can all employees physically join in?
  • For any food service – have all staff dietary requirements been catered to?

Don’t make everyone attend

With covid still rife and uncertainty about what the next few weeks will bring, it is important that team members do not feel pressured to attend any work events. The current government guidelines are to work from home when possible.

Individuals will be feeling their own pressures and concerns about covid so don’t add any additional stress by trying to make them attend a work-related event. Too much pressure to join in will have the opposite effect. Keep it fun, covid-secure and people will come.

Think about food

Ensure that any catering provided is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, those who don’t drink alcohol, and individuals who have special dietary requirements.

Considering everybody’s needs and requirements will show that as an employer that you care and want them to enjoy their festive food.

Celebrate success

Remember that although office parties are intended as social events to reward employees and raise morale, they also remain work-related events. Include a small business update at the party as it is good practice to share plans for 2022.

Use it as an opportunity to recognise the hard work and challenging times we have faced the past year and look ahead to the new year.

Don’t forget personal conduct

The Christmas party is meant to be fun, and you want your teams to enjoy themselves, however, there may be occasions when an employee behaves inappropriately, and you must deal with them after the event.

It is always best to remined your team that even at Christmas party outside of working hours, you still need to behave in accordance with your normal rules and procedures. 

Before the party, issue written guidance on personal conduct, such as no aggressive or bullying behaviour, and no harassment. It is always best to remind people of the way they are expected to behave.

Get home safe

Whilst it is a good idea to get everyone together for a festive social gathering and thank employees for their hard work, also be aware of the possible danger of allowing an employee to drive whilst over the drink drive limit and especially where a free bar has been provided.

Make sure everyone gets home safely by insisting employees get a taxi or a lift home if they’ve been drinking.

If you are looking for fun Christmas activities for the office then we have put together our top three Christmas party games for work, that are inclusive for everyone.

  • Pass the Present – we all remember the party classic as a child, right? Pass the parcel was the epitome of a fantastic party, so why not take a chance to relive your childhood.
  • Christmas Bake Off – Christmas is all about enjoying delicious food? This should most definitely start at your company Christmas party. Host an ultimate Christmas bake-off and whoever brings in the tastiest treat wins.
  • Christmas Quiz – a Christmas quiz is often popular with all staff and can be as interactive as you make it. You can appeal to all your employees’ strengths by creating different rounds that require different knowledge

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the party. Your company has done well throughout the year, so take some time to relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to share your Christmas party ideas with us on social media!

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