Dewsbury-based arts organisation Manasamitra has been commissioned by The Hepworth Wakefield to create a new audio work inspired by its Barbara Hepworth: Art & Life exhibition, which will be performed in the gallery on Saturday 19 February.  

Mapping the Music will be a sonic exploration of Barbara Hepworth’s sculptural work, where the artworks will be 3D-mapped and translated into music, creating a multi-sensory experience of Hepworth’s work.

Creator and musician Supriya Nagarajan will be working with sound artist, Duncan Chapman, on the development of the piece, as well as Lucy Nolan and Becki Luff of musical duo Chroma Harp, and percussionist Delia Stevens.

Supriya said: “This is a really exciting project, and we are delighted to be working with The Hepworth Wakefield to bring Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures to life through music.

“Working closely with Lucy and Becki has enabled us to channel the criss-cross string designs within Hepworth’s work through the similar lines and textures of the harp to truly capture Hepworth’s eye through sound.”

Barbara Hepworth’s own physical journeys through industrial Wakefield to the rocky landscapes of Cornwall will be mapped in music, capturing the very paths that she walked into an audio-visual journey.

“Art is multi-sensory and can be experienced in many different ways,” continued Supriya.

“Channelling my personal experiences with synaesthesia, I am really looking forward to taking people on a sonic journey to view Hepworth’s work through a fresh and diverse lens.”

Nicola Freeman, director of engagement and learning at The Hepworth Wakefield, added: “To celebrate Hepworth’s legacy as a source of ongoing inspiration, we have hosted a range of creative responses to Hepworth’s work over the course of the exhibition.

Mapping the Music will take place in the final weeks of the show and really demonstrates how music, art and technology can come together to create something truly innovative.

“We think our audiences will be fascinated by this process and the new perspective it brings to Hepworth’s sculptures.”

The performance will take place at 2pm on Saturday 19 February.

To find out more and book tickets, please visit: