To put it simply, the answer is…Yes! – you absolutely do need to hire a social media agency for business social media. There are a multitude of reasons why you should hire a social media agency to help you with your business’s social media:

Agencies have the knowledge and expertise

Professionals working at a social media agency are experts in the field of social media. Generally, a typical day for a social media professional will include creating and scheduling content, dealing with social media analytics and insights, keeping up to date with social media trends, plus many more social media-based tasks. It’s safe to say that the entirety of their job role is based around social media.

Setting up social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are of course great ways to kick off your business’s social media strategy, but simply just doing that isn’t going to increase your revenue. Hiring a social media expert with in depth knowledge of what social media strategies and tactics work will only benefit your business.

Saves your business time

You should consider whether you actually have time to do your own social media. Creating a successful social media strategy isn’t always a fast process, it can take a long time and requires a trial an error phase. You will only extend how long it takes to build up your social media strategy if you opt to do your own social media.

Consistency is key when it comes to increasing engagements on social media, which contributes to how successful your social media strategy is and how much revenue you make. Again, it’s important to be realistic with the time you have within your business, that can be spent on social media.

Also, it’s important that your content is relevant, interesting and on trend, which is also a time-consuming process. It’s a social media professional’s job to keep updated on new trends and platforms, so it doesn’t need to be your job too.

As a business, you don’t want to end up being side-tracked from your job role because you are too focused on social media, hire a social media agency and leave that to them.

Social media tools and tricks

As mentioned above, it’s part of social media professional’s job role to keep updated with latest trends. This means they will know most (if not all) social media tools, hacks and tricks.

All social platforms have different tools that help maximise your reach with your audience. For instance, Facebook has a boost post button, which is Facebook’s simplest form of a Facebook ad, which essentially increases the reach of who will see your post. It may be simple, but it can be extremely beneficial when used effectively and with the right content.

Most social media channels are dominated by tricky algorithms, which can sadly impact your social media engagements. However, social media experts know which tips and tricks to use to beat the algorithm – another reason why you should hire a social media agency.

It’s important to dabble and do the foundations of social media as a business, such as setting up social accounts and posting content. However, when it comes to creating a good social media strategy and more in-depth social media skills – leave it to the experts because they fully know what they are doing.

If you require more advice on how social media agencies can support your business, then please feel free to chat to a member our team at Faith today.