It’s Faith’s sweet sixteenth birthday! Happy birthday to us! 

As we celebrate as a team, we’ve been reminiscing about how far we’ve come—sixteen years since our founder Stef set up the business from her kitchen table in 2007. 

Here are some things we’ve seen come and go, or grown alongside, that you’ll probably know well… 

Pop culture

  • Ed Sheeran’s career. His first release was 2011, an independent extended play called No. 5 Collaborations Project. 
  • Britain’s Got Talent. The show began airing in 2007, with a two-year break during the pandemic. 
  • Breaking Bad. The show was released in 2008 but held prominence for several years due to its success. 
  • Paw Patrol. The globally popular animated series only began in 2013! 
  • Instagram. The platform was founded in 2010, which makes it only 13 years old. Old in the social world, but still younger than Faith! 
  • Netflix. The platform, which first popularised online streaming, launched the same year we did, 2007. 

British life 

  • The current government. The Tory party has been in power since the 2010 general election—as long as Instagram has been up and running. 
  • The shard. The iconic British landmark, a 72-storey skyscraper, only began production in 2009. 
  • Wembley Stadium. While the site has been in use since 1923, it wasn’t built as the stadium we know it to be now until 2007. 
  • Gay marriage. Same-sex marriage was only legalised in 2014 in the UK. 
  • The iPhone. The first model iPhone was released in 2007, too. 

We’ve also outlived a few different office spaces, supported over 160 clients over the years, and seen various team members come and go (and return in Nicola and Tom’s cases!) But we’ve always kept our values, and that’s helped us reach this point, a sixteenth birthday for our team to celebrate—with cake! 

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Katie Sessions Account Executive
At Faith, Katie is responsible for helping to manage client accounts and deliver communications plans, alongside continuing to craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences.