Rochdale-based QDOS, experts in fire safety and the UK’s leading trade supplier of bespoke fire safety plans, has announced the launch of a ground-breaking new product, dynamicZM.

Designed to transform fire safety management, dynamicZM is a superior alternative to traditional LED fire zone mimics, operating as a third-party, dynamic zone mimic® is compatible with a range of fire alarm control systems.

This innovative solution has been four years and a six-figure investment in the making and utilises a large LCD screen to automatically display an active fire alarm zone plan during an alarm event but can be programmed to display other media when not in active use. This eliminates the need for user intervention and ensures clear identification of the zone(s) in alarm condition, allowing for unparalleled visibility during emergencies.

The dynamicZM system can be used in any commercial environment but is particularly suited to education, hospitality, office and retail settings due its ability to display company, sales or marketing messaging.

The system is also well suited to industrial environments, allowing crucial health and safety information to be displayed and kept up-to date. In the event of a fire alarm activation, dynamicZM can automatically display the origin of the alarm clearly, aiding rapid response and evacuation.

Developed by Damian Linley, founder and CEO of QDOS, and fire alarm technical expert David Greenwood, dynamicZM represents a culmination of over 40 years of industry experience and six-figure investment by QDOS.  Greenwood’s extensive knowledge and respected standing within the fire safety industry were instrumental in the product’s development.

Damian Linley, founder and CEO said: “dynamicZM is a significant leap forward in fire safety technology, providing clear and immediate situational awareness during fire emergencies. This technology empowers facilities managers, building occupants and fire safety professionals to take decisive action.

“Traditional LED mimics have been around for decades, with few innovations, but dynamicZM offers something different with no limits to media updates, it’s easily adaptable to any environment, doubling up as a sales or information display screen yet automatically displaying clear information in the event of an emergency, eliminating any confusion for staff, customers, or visitors.”

dynamicZM will be available via the QDOS approved installer network across the UK Q3 2024.