revenue increase

A Yorkshire based artisan, handmade furniture manufacturer is celebrating a 710% increase in revenue during 2020, putting the business on track to secure a staggering £1million in sales this year.

With the country in the grip of a Covid-related home furniture boom, Off The Grain, established in 2018 by former teacher Dominic Walsh, has already achieved a record 10,371 orders this year across the UK and Europe, with the trend persisting into Christmas.

Since lockdown, Off The Grain has seen a significant rise in orders, with 700 items leaving the workshop in a single week, an impressive 82% increase on the workshop’s average output. With a new work from home culture, consumers are using the extra time to restyle their décor and improve home office space – and the company remains focused on fulfilling the exceptional rise in demand.

Off The Grain’s made-to-order core range currently includes coat racks, shoe benches, dining tables, beds and computer desks, with over 25% new handcrafted pieces widening its online offering since the start of the year.

Alongside ongoing brand development, Off The Grain has recently doubled its workshop space and relocated to an impressive new 6,000 sq ft location in West Vale, Halifax. Plans for further expansion, with the opening of a 3,000 sq ft luxury showroom, are already underway with an anticipated launch pre-Christmas.

With operations expanding, the team has grown in the past 12 months by 66% to 20 full-time staff including the best local talent; young people seeking their first opportunities in employment, alongside others who have seen their career prospects previously limited.

Commenting on the growing business success, Off The Grain founder Dominic Walsh said: “Off The Grain started out as a personal hobby and a genuine passion for furniture making. However, since launching in 2018, we have experienced phenomenal growth. I don’t think anyone could have predicted this situation or the demand we’ve experienced, and we’ve been so fortunate that during the pandemic the company has performed so well.

“I was still operating out of my garage this time last year, so to be able to say we are on track to achieve a seven-figure turnover in 2020 is unbelievable. We have a great team at Off The Grain who all live and breathe the ethos of creating bespoke hand-crafted furniture, and we look forward to creating more opportunities as our business expands further over the coming months.”

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