Yorkshire-based Defender specialist Twisted Automotive is a step closer to producing the ultimate 4×4 vehicle.

In a joint venture with California-based supercar maker Lucra, founded by Yorkshireman Luke Richards, the Twisted by Lucra chassis has been developed to Baja race specifications and is designed to accept all derivatives of the 90, 110 or 130.

The driveline development is the first step in Twisted producing a high performance 4×4 vehicle from scratch. Vehicles will be registered under single vehicle approval (SVA) and will be fully registerable in both the UK and US.

The driveline will be available to customers looking for the ultimate 4×4 that retains the look and feel of the original classic 4×4, yet offers incredible performance and off-road capabilities, regardless of its outer body.

Additional elements are currently in development, such as the creation the first fully electric Twisted 4×4 and the introduction of new materials to enhance body strength.

The chassis will be unveiled at this week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, alongside several vehicles from Twisted’s Remake History collection – including one of ten Lightweight models being created in homage to the original and a Stage One V8 concept. The collection comprises 45 limited edition, delivery mileage vehicles that celebrate the original Defender and includes the Twisted Classic Series II, Classic Series IIA, Lightweight, Classic Series III and Stage One V8.

Racing specification

The Twisted by Lucra chassis has been created to Brown & Miller Racing Solutions race specifications on fuel, brake lines and fittings and to Baja 1000 race standards on heim and johnny joints, suspension will be significantly more refined.

The chassis is powered by a 6.2L GM Gen V LT4 supercharged, direct injection engine with 650bhp and 650 ft-lb of torque.

Transmission is compatible with stick, push button and paddle shift, with quick, smooth changes built to handle the torque.

The Atlas 2 Speed transfer case offers selectable high, low and neutral independently to each axle, with control for four-wheel drive, rear wheel drive or front wheel drive in low or high gear.

Wilwood six-piston front, four-piston rear vented disc brakes and a driveline disc parking brake have been added, while the CAD designed 87-litre aluminium fuel tank features a high-pressure digital pump, regulator and sender with full underside protection.

The factory-built production chassis is a direct fit for a classic body, whether it be a 90, 110 or 130, and is available as either left- or right-hand drive.

The chassis is currently being redeveloped for Twisted in the UK to distribute throughout North America, Europe and UAE, with a unique specification for each market.

In addition, the option will exist to create a fully electric Twisted vehicle. This is a project Twisted has been working on for some time in order to create an option that does not compromise on the performance, integrity and symbolism of the original.

More than an off-roader

Twisted MD Charles Fawcett said: “As the race continues to develop a spiritual replacement for the Defender, this puts Twisted firmly ahead of the field – and one step closer to small volumes of 4×4 production alongside the mass development plans of other companies.

“The Twisted by Lucra chassis is built to Baja race specification, so it really travels over the roughest ground.

“The manufacturer approached us as the best company to work with to further develop the chassis and bring it to market and we are extremely excited to unveil it at this year’s Festival of Speed.”

For more, please see the Twisted Automotive website: https://twistedautomotive.com/