Google has announced its most searched terms of the year, with (no surprise here) coronavirus coming out as the UK’s number 1 top search of 2020.

It’s a year no-one saw coming, and one we hope isn’t repeated again, but it definitely threw up a few new hits on popular searches.

How to?

Lockdown first hit back in March and we’ve seen restrictions over our everyday lives ever since, which meant we had to start doing some things ourselves. Here are the top five ‘how to…?’ searches that seem to summarise the year pretty well:

  1. How to make a face mask
  2. How to make hand sanitiser
  3. How to make bread
  4. How to get tested for coronavirus
  5. How to cut your own hair

Bravo to anyone who manged to cut their own hair without it looking like you grabbed the kitchen scissors!

Top questions

When we’re cut off from many who would have previously answered our questions, we can always rely on a Google search to plug the gaps in our knowledge. And let’s face it, even the wisest of us don’t have all of the answers.

  1. Who won the election?
  2. Where does vanilla flavouring come from?
  3. How many cases of coronavirus in UK?
  4. What is VE Day?
  5. How did coronavirus start?

Popular searches

The switch back and forth between lockdown and tiers has meant we’ve been spending more and more time at home. 2020 was the year Joe Wicks helped us get motivated to workout without the need of equipment, the nation suddenly grew a green thumb and got back in touch with nature and we started testing new skincare treatments at home. Here are a few more popular searches from the year:

  • Joe Wicks workout
  • DIY garden ideas
  • DIY face mask
  • When will lockdown end?
  • When will schools reopen?
  • Afternoon tea delivery

Take a journey through the answers that the rest of the world searched for this year, created by Google: