A passionate German teacher from Hipperholme Grammar School has said how “thrilled” she is to be recognised on a national scale – after winning a prestigious award.

Olesia Tyne was invited to the German Embassy in London to receive the Peter Boaks Prize which recognises exceptional primary and secondary school teachers at the beginning of their careers.

The 32-year-old was put forward by Hipperholme Grammar School Headteacher, Jackie Griffiths, and her Head of the Department, Christine Crossan, as an outstanding teacher of German.

“It is a fantastic feeling to be recognised for the hard work I do to promote German and to inspire children to learn languages. I was thrilled that I was able to represent the school at a national level,” said Olesia, who has taught at Hipperholme Grammar School for three years.

“The ceremony was a splendid occasion and I really enjoyed listening to the guest of honour, Ian McEwan CBE, who delivered half of his speech in German. It was very impressive!”

Olesia’s enthusiasm to learn German and teach others began at an early age when she first fell in love with the language whilst at school.

She has since worked at Prague British School teaching German, before moving to Hipperholme Grammar School in Halifax in 2015.

“I am passionate about my subject and want to pass the enthusiasm and love for learning languages to my pupils,” Olesia added.

Following the award, Mrs Griffiths said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to see Frau Tyne praised for her hard work and dedication when teaching German. She’s a credit to the brilliant Modern Foreign Languages department and the amount of pupils taking the language has increased at our school thanks to Frau Tyne’s inspirational attitude and first-class teaching.”