To be, and be recognised as the best marketing agency, when there are hundreds of marketing experts popping out from everywhere, requires a lot of time and effort.

What most people forget is that building a successful marketing agency from scratch takes planning and patience – many new businesses fail within their first three years for a reason. 

Starting a marketing agency can be challenging at first, but with proper investment and support, it can turn out to be a successful venture.

Hire the right people!

This goes without saying but hiring the right people for your agency may help you to claim the throne of the best marketing agency in town.

However, how can one decide who might be perfect for the job?

A glitzy resumé or graduation in marketing might be a key factor in hiring, but an eagerness to learn coupled with dedication and determination is essential – those things cannot be taught!

Agencies should be on the lookout for marketers who not only possess a mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical experience., but also those who can handle the fast-paced pressure of an agency environment and can juggle numerous deadlines with ever-changing client demands.

An agency relies on its people to sell its services successfully, so making the right hiring choices is crucial for any agency trying to successfully climb the ladder to critical business growth.

Plan your marketing strategy

Marketing is  a competitive industry with different agencies fighting to provide a combination of services and claim share of voice.

This race has forced many to offer a variety of marketing strategies to clients. Social media marketing, SEO, google ads, digital PR and content marketing are a few of the many services that exist within today’s marketing mix.

Many agencies hope to offer all these services in one go, without a proper and structured plan but there is an argument that it’s better to be an expert in one key area, than spreading yourself too thinly and being mediocre in several.

Consider whether you have the right amount of talent, expertise and experience within your team to bill yourself as a ‘full-service agency’.

Viewed simply – too many choices result in your business becoming a commodity rather than a specialised service for clients.

Specialist or generalist?

As a marketing agency with an ambition to become the best, one of the first things to consider is whether you are going to cater to all types of businesses, or if you are going to specialise and target a key sector.

There are clear pros and cons to either route.

For instance, you may be an agency specialising in a specific sector, or type of marketing. Although, it might be beneficial for certain clients, you may be missing out a huge chunk of business as organisations are always on the lookout for agencies with a full service offering.

Providing various types of marketing solutions such as SEO, email marketing, and content marketing can diversify your portfolio of clients. But extra caution needs to be in place as you may have to maintain and dedicate equal amount of attention to each client.

You may have to create bespoke business plans for organisations of all sizes, it may be an upcoming small business in the region or a well-established global corporation.

Strategies can be as simple as SEO optimising blogs to increase website presence to leading a sophisticated email marketing campaign.

Faith was responsible to help Relative Accountants to boost their Google rankings.

We conducted an audit of their existing blogs and completed an extensive keyword analysis to identify the areas to deliver SEO benefits.

Throughout the two six-month periods, the number of clicks to the website directly from Google rose by 122%.

Overall impressions, which refers to the number of people ‘seeing’ the website in their search results for relevant enquiries rose by 210%. The business has never been busier.

Are these steps enough to create the best marketing agency?

This blog only touches on a few steps that will help form the foundations for a thriving agency. There are naturally many more aspects that comes about in building a successful marketing agency!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so it means that it will take time and patience (and many failures and mistakes along the way) for your agency to come out and establish itself as the best in town.

To discuss more about how we can help you achieve your marketing needs, be it digital or traditional, get in touch with us.