Figuring out which career path you go down in life can be really difficult. You may find yourself trying all sorts of different things before you truly discover your niche and working in an industry or job your truly feel is the right fit for you.

Our team have shared their stories on how they have all followed different paths through their careers, to all come together working in PR.

Stefanie, founder and MD

Stef, first job working in PR

I did a degree in modern languages, so initially pursued a career that combined marketing with my language skills. My first job was working for McCann Erickson on their Bentley Motors account on the prospecting of customers around the globe.

I then moved to a full-service agency, JDA (where I met Carl, my husband, who used to own the agency!), as an account manager and after six months was seconded to the PR department. I remember feeling that I had found my ‘thing’ and loved it so much I begged Carl to let me move to that team permanently at the Christmas party. Maybe not the wisest move but it paid off and I spent three more years in the PR department, eventually heading it up temporarily, until leaving to start Faith PR.

Emily, account director

I always say I ended up working in PR by default. I’d set out for a career in languages, studying Spanish and Italian, and by chance ended up temping for a PR agency when I left university as PR admin assistant – and the rest is history as they say! As a career it’s perfect for me, as I love writing, creating and telling stories and working with people.

Matthew, digital PR account manager

I stumbled into PR while trying to figure out what I wanted to study at university. I was torn between journalism and a business-related degree, as they were both areas I was interested in. After some digging, I came across the PR course at Leeds Beckett University. It seemed like a great mix of what I was looking for and an interesting industry to enter into! As they say, the rest is history, I joined the course and never looked back!

The course at Leeds Beckett was focused on gaining industry experience, so throughout my time at university I was able to develop and grow my PR skills. The experience was invaluable when it came to looking for a PR role when I graduated.

Kirsty, social media and digital account manager

How I ended up in the industry was on a bit of a whim really. I didn’t quite know what to study after leaving college, or I even wanted to go straight back into education after the summer break. When it was time to firm up my plans, I turned to an online quiz to help me decide (of all things to base your future on!) what kind of career I’d be suited for, and PR/marketing happened to be in the top three. The first was photography but it was a hobby I didn’t want to turn into a career, and I think the third was journalism.

As I wasn’t 100% sold on going to university, I took a gap year to as a break from education and instead changed jobs to work full-time elsewhere. That helped me conclude I needed some direction in a future career that an undergraduate degree would be able to provide.

Kate, PR account manager

I ended up working in PR almost by accident really. I took voluntary redundancy from the Reporter Group after 20 years in the job. I’d had enough of office closures and a total lack of investment in our titles so decided to take the plunge and do something totally different – teaching French and Spanish to primary school children.

But as soon as I left, former colleague Melanie Hill asked me if I could also do some copywriting for her PR company and it turned out I was much better at writing features and press releases than teaching other people’s children the Spanish words for farmyard animals. A full-time job in PR came up, I took it and the rest, as they say, is history!

Abi, account executive

Abi Henderson

I went to Leeds Beckett University and studied journalism and, while in my third year, I undertook a work placement with Faith PR. This was what opened my eyes to working in the PR industry, and when Stef got in touch and offered me my first role in the industry I was thrilled!

Nicole, office manager

I was offered an apprenticeship by Faith PR. I worked as an apprentice for a year and was then offered a full-time job as an administrative assistant. The industry moves really quickly and we’re constantly on with something new, each day is different. I have since become the office manager and it’s been 5 and a half years since my first day!

Looking to work in the PR industry?

For anyone still searching for their perfect career then don’t worry, it takes time. Plus your next big career move could just be round the corner…

Let’s be honest as well, you need to be happy and satisfied with the career path you choose since you spend one third of your life working! So why not delve deep into really figuring out what will make you happy.

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