The landscape of working has changed dramatically over the last two years due to the ongoing pandemic.

Across the UK, many workers have seen the dynamic of their working week change drastically, with working from home in a part-time or full-time capacity commonplace for a lot of businesses.

Such changes can undoubtedly have an impact, both positive and negative, on employees, and therefore the importance of concentrating on wellbeing in the workplace for all concerned has never been higher.

The workspace you create plays a big part in achieving this, as a positive workspace helps build strong workplace culture, whilst also increasing workspace productivity and performance.

Therefore, our Junior PR Manager Tom Alderson has looked in more detail at the benefits of achieving a high-quality workspace environment.

Aiding productivity

There is no doubt that your workspace plays a huge part in influencing motivation and productivity. It’s important to create a space to work which makes you feel positive.

For example, an office space that is well organised, tidy and filled with natural light will naturally increase the mood of workers within it, which in turn will boost motivation and feelings of creativity across the team and develops a feeling of workplace wellbeing at the same time.

Background noise is inevitable, whether you’re working in an office or working from home with your partner or housemates, but managing that noise is important to help you remain focused. Rather than spending your time and energy trying to block out noise, find a quiet space in your office or house, as this will help you be more relaxed and will enable you to concentrate for longer.

When working as part of a team, setting standards in terms of how the space is maintained, with colleagues working together to adhere to these, will result in a consistently positive workspace reinforced by a strong workspace culture.

Boosting social mobility

Creating a workspace that invites creativity and collaboration will not only boost people’s productivity but will provide a working environment where everyone feels valued and included.

Therefore, this promotes social diversity in the workplace, a space where employees, whether they be freelance or full-time staff, from all backgrounds and beliefs can share their experience and expertise to the benefit of those around them and the business as a whole.

Championing that sort of working environment not only makes people feel more comfortable and motivated when they go to work but increases the wider appeal of working there too.

Driving recruitment

Establishing a business with a reputation for having a high-quality workspace culture makes it a more desirable place to work.

Whether that’s being known as a place with a friendly working environment, top-class workspace facilities, or efficient and consistent progression routes, having a workspace culture people want to be a part of will set you apart from the competition when it comes to hiring new staff and expanding.

As a business leader, you may find it easier to attract more of the very best candidates for roles at the company, which in turn has a snowball effect on the quality of your workspace.

Bringing in people with more experience and knowledge will help less experienced members of the team increase their learning and will continue to boost productivity in the workspace, as this encourages a feeling of motivation and enthusiasm to progress and perform at a higher standard, which can only benefit a business in terms of performance.

Overall, there is no doubt that creating a workspace that motivates you and those around you to work to the best of your ability is invaluable.

Whether it’s the physical assets of the space you work in, be that at home or in an office, which impacts your mood and wellbeing, or the culture and standards you set across a business, all roads of a high-quality workspace lead to a wide range of benefits, both internally and externally and so taking the time to create such an environment for yourself or a team of staff is certainly worth the investment.

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Abigail Henderson Account Manager
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