What would you say is the ultimate key ingredient to a successful business? Excellent customer service? High productivity? Profitability? All, and more? Break that down further and, ultimately, the core of a business’ success is its employees.

It seems obvious, but staff really are crucial to business development. They play a key role in helping businesses to flourish as well as keep clients happy.

So, it’s important to factor in the everyday internal environment when being successful. And as a service industry, we know at Faith PR that client relationships are pivotal – so people are even more important to the success of a business.


Is it about incentives? Maybe. Training? Definitely. Most importantly, it comes down to respect and treating staff how you’d like to be treated. It’s easy to do too – there’s no magic formula behind rewarding good behaviour.

If a staff member does a good job, tell them about it. If they’ve helped win a client, let them know about the success. Even if they’ve played a small part in a successful campaign – highlight their impact. It’s all about forming a team that’s happy, feels rewarded and respected. From that comes motivation, enthusiasm and passion to drive your brand and business forward. Not everything comes down to rewarding behaviour though.

We’ve all heard stories of children getting thousands of presents at Christmas and clambering over them to play with the box that the gifts arrived in. So, it’s no good giving an ‘empty’ incentive as it can certainly get lost in translation.


For businesses to develop, it’s important to train employees to a point where they are fully equipped to be as passionate as the business owner.

Sir Richard Branson is a heavy promoter of keeping staff happy. We can all relate to one of many of his infamous quotes about employees such as: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

It’s about taking a number of tools into building the business, expanding from the foundations up, maintaining a positive internal environment and feeling good about developing and training employees. At Faith PR, there’s not only opportunities to progress and enhance skillsets, there’s also regular team bonding events and constructive feedback to help keep staff happy, loyal to the brand and the agency’s clients.

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