At Faith, we believe that following social media influencers is a great way to get insight into the latest social media trends and helps you understand what content works well with audiences.

As we are a leading social media agency in Yorkshire, it’s also important for us to generally keep an eye out for social media influencer marketing opportunities that could be beneficial for our clients and agency (we will get to this later).

People follow social media influencers for a whole host of reasons:

  • We want to be entertained by interesting content
  • We perceive an influencer to be a role model
  • We want to be inspired, challenged and influenced
  • We want to relate to them or feel close to them

Influencers the Faith team follow

At team Faith, we all have different interests, meaning we all tend to follow different influencers on our social media profiles, some are definitely more niche than others and some are Yorkshire based since we are a social media agency based in Yorkshire.

Here’s a handful of our favourites:

Fearne Cotton @fearnecotton

Stef follows Fearne Cotton on Instagram, as she really enjoys her inspirational content for a positive mindset.

Paul Sutton

Stef also follows Paul Sutton on LinkedIn, he primarily posts social and PR-related insight and is an expert in his field, making him extremely fitting for our industry.

Mike Matei @Mike_Matei

Tom follows Mike Matei on Twitter, a gaming influencer. Tom finds his opinions entertaining and respects Mike’s expertise and experience around the topic.


Matt follows the Loveofhuns Instagram account for the simple fact that it is hilarious! The content is so topical for someone of Matt’s age, he is always sharing their memes and posts with his friends. It is something that he just laughs about and doesn’t take too seriously. Matt says that social media can be pretty toxic at times so it’s important to try and find funny and uplifting accounts that boost your mood. 

Leeds Brunch Club @leedsbrunchclub

Matt also follows Leeds Bruch Club on Instagram. As a Leeds dweller, Matt wants to know the latest places to go for food and drinks. He is a confessed foodie and loves eating out and Leeds Brunch Club never disappoints. It is always providing Matt with inspiration on where to eat next!

Francis Bourgois @francisbourgois

Joe follows trainspotter Francis Bourgois on TikTok and Instagram. Joe loves him because he really likes trains, like a child would, and thinks the level of innocence in a man that Francis possesses is almost unheard of.

Maeve Reilly @stylememaeve

Abi follows Maeve Reilly on Instagram, as she loves Maeve’s content and finds her behind-the-scenes posts about the fashion industry interesting. Maeve has also recently started a YouTube series and Abi finds it useful to see how different content and perspective is used across her different channels.

Patricia Bright @thepatriciabright

Abi also follows Patricia Bright on Instagram, as she likes her mix of content across a range of topics and mediums. Patricia’s topics includes family, work and business, financial advice, fashion and beauty which she blends seamlessly across multiple platforms including her Instagram, YouTube channel and podcast. Abi has followed her for a while and says it’s been interesting to see her transition from YouTube into podcasts and interviews.

Rikki McDermot @byrikki_handmade

Rebecca follows Rikki McDermot on Instagram, as she loves her colour scheme, brand palette and her Rikki’s creativity, which can be seen both in the products she creates and in her social media posts. Rikki handcrafts earrings from polymer clay and she became popular in the Instagram small shop boom during lockdown 2020. Rebecca says it’s been impressive to watch Rikki’s growth to 22k followers since then and feels proud to have supported her through her influencer growth.

Influencers used for social media marketing

Social Media has massively evolved over the years, and although many of us seek social media out for entertainment, it also serves a purpose outside of this; it has become a place for businesses to grow their brands. Brands use influencers like the examples we have given as part of their social media marketing strategy, as influencers allow brands to reach out to all their potential audiences in a more personalised way. According to Top Rank Marketing, 74% of marketers agree that influencer marketing improves customer and prospect experience with the brand.

Francis Bourgois would be an excellent influencer for train-related businesses to work with, such as train services or museums for many reasons. His topic is extremely niche, meaning his followers follow him primarily for the topic of trains. He is also an expert in his field, extremely passionate and relatable. Therefore, making him a credible and entertaining influencer to those interested in trains.

Benefits of influencer marketing for B2B services

Brand awareness

Social media influencers are extremely important when it comes to building a brand and creating brand awareness. Brands often need a fresh perspective and influencers are perfect at achieving this as they bring in an unbiased outsider perspective.

Increase engagement and sales

It goes without saying that influencers are named influencers for a reason; they are able to influence their followers’ actions. They are trusted and respected by their following, so what they tend to post will get reactions. They can increase traffic to your website while also boosting the quality of your brand. Influencers often know how to encourage sales and according to Convince & Convert, 91 percent of B2B transactions at least are influenced by word-of-mouth.

High quality user-generated content

Influencers tend to create high quality content, whether that be an Instagram photo, blog post or YouTube video that is relatable to your target audience, which ultimately positively impacts your engagement rates and sales. Influencers know what the social channels algorithms are and tailor their posts to ensure high engagement rates. The content influencers produce for your brand will come in handy later down the line, as you’ll be able to repurpose the content again and again (but make sure you specify the timeframe of this in your influencer agreement).

Increased credibility

Influencers are trusted within their niche by their audiences, meaning if they promote your brand to their online audience, it’s likely to have a warm reception. People will opt to do business with people and buy from brands they can trust; an influencer can help build relationships with your audience and also add more personality to your brand. According to Top Rank Marketing, 64% of B2B marketers increased the credibility of brand content working with influencers.

From a personal perspective, social media influencers can provide us with entertainment in our lives that we don’t often see on a daily basis. Ultimately, social media influencers can have a huge positive impact on brands.  For more advice on how influencer marketing can support your business, chat to a member of our team at Faith social media agency in Yorkshire today.