On Friday 9th May, Carl was invited to visit Iveson Primary School in Leeds to speak to the year six class about their future potential.

Attending on behalf of School Speakers, Carl was asked to share his story ‘from education to enterprise’ with the group of nine and ten year olds With many young children dreaming of becoming an actor, a singer or a football player, Carl wanted them to broaden their options and aspire to do what they are passionate about.

Born and raised on a council estate in Leeds, Carl’s own experiences taught him that if he was to get anywhere in life he would have to work hard. Since leaving college he started working at Bradford-based JDA where, over a period of 21 years, he went from being a junior designer to owning and running the company.

Carl is passionate about enhancing talent and aspiring young individuals to reach their goals in life. An expert in marketing, he led an exercise which focused on the individual identity of each person where the children were challenged to create a logo for themselves. The class looked at their favourite colours and shapes to choose which they felt represented their personality, developing their understanding of branding.

During the morning session, Carl also spoke to the children about challenges they may face on their journey. Strongly believing every person has a talent and deserves a chance, Carl advised them how, through lots of hard work, determination and focus, they would be able to achieve anything in life.

The class took to commenting on the school’s blog about their visit from Carl; “I learnt to believe myself and I can achieve my goals and don’t let anybody disturb you”.

Read more of the comments left by year six on their blog here. If you would like to read more about School Speakers, you can visit their website here.