Next up in our Meet the Team series is Account Manager Abigail Henderson!

Originally completing an internship with Faith as part of her journalism degree, Abi returned to the agency as a Junior Account Executive in March 2019 and has been a part of Faith’s journey ever since.

She quickly progressed to Account Executive and then Account Manager and is not only multi-skilled and talented across different areas of comms, but also one of the calmest people in the room, which is most definitely an asset in the agency world! She is also a fantastic baker as well as a dab hand with a sewing machine. Read on to find out more about what makes her tick.

What’s the most unusual or interesting hobby you have outside of work?

I recently got back into sewing. My mum taught me how to sew when I was little, and I then went on to do Textiles at A Level but I hadn’t done much since going to university and starting work full time. We have watched the Great British Sewing Bee and really got into it over the last couple of years which inspired me to start my own projects. It’s been really nice rediscovering this hobby.  

What is your favourite productivity hack or time management technique that helps you stay organised and focused?  

Post-its! I always have my weekly to do lists, but I find that writing the key priorities on a post-it each morning (and sometimes again after lunchtime!) helps me to stay focused on the urgent tasks and break my long list into a bite-sized note, it can help when I’m feeling overwhelmed too!  

What do you find most rewarding about your work?  

Making clients happy. When we deliver a piece of work that really makes a difference or land a piece of coverage that they’re really happy with it is incredibly rewarding. As I’ve progressed throughout my career to become an Account Manager, I have also started taking on more line management responsibilities. Passing on knowledge and helping people to progress is also really rewarding.  

How do you like to relax after a day at work?

Me and my sister have started going to trampoline classes this year which has been really fun!  

Do you have any tips/hints on how to start the day on a positive note?  

I start the working day with a cup of tea and clearing my unread emails. I find that doing this first thing allows me to deal with anything urgent and plan my priorities for the day before getting stuck into tasks. It helps me start the day with clear priorities and not feeling snowed under.  

What’s your favourite Friday night dinner?  

Homemade lasagne or a Chinese takeaway!  

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Abigail Henderson Account Manager
At Faith, Abigail is responsible for helping to manage client accounts and deliver communications plans, alongside crafting digital campaigns, designing client visuals, and landing features across a range of industries.