UK men are more accommodating than women when it comes to choosing which side of the bed they sleep on, according to new data released by The Sleep Charity and National Bed Federation for March’s National Bed Month.

36 per cent of men let their partner decide which side of the bed they sleep on, compared to 22 per cent of women.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed that men also tend to opt for the left side of the bed, while women were found to be creatures of habit, with 54 per cent choosing their side of the bed simply because they have always slept on that side.

Other reasons cited include their partner’s preference (36 per cent) and closeness to the bedroom door (24 per cent).

Meanwhile, 15 per cent of men say they are guided by superstition when choosing their sleeping side, compared to 10 per cent of women.

Choosing a side of the bed based on superstitions is also more commonplace in younger adults, with 33 per cent of 18–24-year-olds doing so.

London was found to be the most superstitious area, with 21 per cent of Londoners allowing their feelings to dictate which side of the bed they sleep on, compared to just five per cent of those in Wales.

I always have54470
Partner chose the other side223680
Closest to the bedroom door 242420
Closest to the window19230
Closest to the bathroom door16180
Better view of TV131740

The survey also revealed that 18–24-year-olds are most reliant on tech in the bedroom, with 43 per cent choosing their side of the bed because of a better view of the TV.

The Sleep Charity, incorporating The Sleep Council, provides advice and support to empower the nation to sleep better.

The Sleep Charity deputy CEO Lisa Artis said: “There is always debate about which side of the bed is the right or wrong one and hopefully this research can help to settle that debate!

“The right side of the bed is entirely dependent on an individual and their needs and preferences. Whether you prefer to sleep closest to the door, or need complete darkness to drift off, what is right for you may not be right for someone else.

“There are so many factors that help us determine which is the right side of the bed for us.

“We recommend testing your sleep environment and trying out different positions and conditions to determine the perfect sleep environment for you and your body.”

Jessica Alexander, executive director of the National Bed Federation, added: “Sleep is vital for a healthy and well-rounded life, and your choice of bed is a key factor in creating your perfect sleeping environment.

“A good bed is vital to achieving a good night’s sleep. Beds don’t last forever, so it’s important that people know how to spot the signs of wear and when is the right time to look for a new bed.

“Age, quality of sleep, visible signs such as sagging or lumps, and waking up with aches or pains are all signs that you may need to look for a new bed.”