With 72% of marketing expenditure being dedicated towards digital marketing, businesses have clearly realised the significance of implementing digital strategies.  

However, not all have the capacity to allocate budgets for marketing activities and may look for alternative marketing plans that may help avoid burning a hole in their pockets. 

Before delving into the discussion of the possibility of an affordable digital agency, it is important to understand, what exactly is a digital agency and what services do they provide? 

What is a digital agency? 

A digital agency meets the digital needs of a business by providing services such as web design, social media marketing, and search engine optimisation, which are few of the many digital channels available.  

These services are highly in demand from businesses who are looking to grow their brand and connect with consumers in the online domain or require a digital transformation to market and operate more efficiently. 

Digital activities such as social media have emerged as a crucial aspect of digital marketing. This can be due to the staggering 57 million social media users who spend most of their time on smartphones.  

Language learning app, Duolingo needs a round of applause in terms of accurately implementing social media strategies for its organisation. 

Through consistent social media engagement and an organised plan, Duolingo skyrocketed their follower numbers on TikTok. They achieved a massive 7 million likes and a 19% engagement rate on the platform, within a month of consistent use Duolingo grew their TikTok followers from 50,000 followers to over one million. 

Is there an affordable digital agency? 

Returning to the main subject, does the idea of an affordable digital agency exist? Well, there is not a well-defined answer to this question. 

As mentioned, an agency may offer a range of digital marketing services to clients. The final investment decision rests on the business and the kind number of services they require. 

An upcoming restaurant may need an agency to help them grow their business by using social media only – using the power of TikTok to create eye-catchy trending videos. 

Everything depends on your business needs

Whereas a medium-scale business could seek to establish itself as the industry leader. They may adopt a blend of SEO strategies and paid social media ads to raise their domain authority and increase their brand awareness, which will obviously come at a higher cost, due to more resource and skills needed to achieve this.  

Larger corporations may be pumping all their resources into the majority of digital strategies to boost their online sales, making their business more visible and accessible to a wider range of consumers. This type of digital strategy will come at a higher cost from any digital agency as it would require a significant ongoing amount of work. 

Business of all sizes have their own agendas and business plans, and it isn’t a question of how expensive or affordable are digital services, it is more a question of how much digital attention they require and where this time is best spent for the best return on investment. 

We were appointed by the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce to deliver a bespoke social media strategy to help increase the overall awareness of the organisation.  

By carrying out a deep dive into social media, to assess current trends, target audiences and stakeholders, we successfully developed a channel strategy to ensure that all content created was relevant to users of each specific platform. 

Since implementing the strategy, the Chamber has seen consistent growth in terms of both engagement and followers in the first year; impressions grew by over 32% and engagements by over 79%. 

Their total audience across all four social media platforms grew by 10%, with their engagement rate improving by over 35%. 


The main objective of any business is to identify the perfect digital strategy to help them reach new heights. This is where experienced digital agencies recommend the most compatible services to businesses while working closely within the set budgets.  

But to answer the initial question; there isn’t such thing as an affordable digital agency. Every business needs to decide how much digital attention they need to receive depending on there market and where their customers and prospects are. The larger their digital strategy and plans, the higher the price. 

To learn more about how digital strategies can help you take your business to the next level, get in touch with us.  

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