Millions of people around the world have been trialing the plant-based diet for World Vegan Month in November, joining British celebrities such as Simon Cowell, Lewis Hamilton, Ellie Goulding and Romesh Ranganathan, who have all adopted a vegan lifestyle in recent years.

While veganism continues to be increasingly popular, it’s still a highly debated topic, which becomes apparent in the STADA Group Health Report 2019, entitled ‘The Future of Your Health’. The UK launch of the report took place at Thornton & Ross headquarters in Huddersfield last month, which is one of the largest over the counter pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK.

The report found that whilst just 2% of Brits identify as vegan, a third of those asked said they have great respect for people who follow the lifestyle. At the other end of the scale, a fifth said the lifestyle was ‘nonsense’ and would never banish dairy from their diets, with a further 9% believing it was a temporary phenomenon that would soon disappear.

According to current numbers, with only a very small percentage of the UK population eating exclusively plant-based, among them are more and more young people; as the European-wide comparison shows 56% of all study participates who indicated to be vegan are 18 to 34 years old.

Nutrition was a significant factor in the British public being skeptical about veganism, with 31% believing that vegans lack nutrients – many people grow up thinking that animal products such as meat and milk are essential parts of a healthy diet, but according to The Vegan Society, well-planned vegan diets follow healthy eating guidelines, and contain all the nutrients that our bodies need.

With such a huge percentage of the UK being concerned about the vegan lifestyle lacking nutrients, the report surprisingly uncovered that Brits are the least likely to get their pots and pans out and cook a fresh meal out of the nine European countries.