We understand the importance of communications, especially in the times of uncertainty that we currently find ourselves in. But not to worry, we won’t let you down.

As a business we have been operating remote working well before anyone had uttered the word COVID19!

Our team is well adapted to working from home, whether that’s on an individual basis or as a whole. We have systems set up to continue providing our services without delay. It was only last month when we put this into full practice when our office was flooded during Storm Ciara!

What we can tell you with confidence:

  • All staff members have the necessary access and equipment needed to work from home just as they would in the office.
  • We’re in constant communication with each other, as well as our clients and other important contacts – from journalists to freelancers.
  • We are following the Government’s advice regarding self-isolation and what to do should a team member display symptoms.