Johnsons of Whixley has supplied more than £5,000 worth of plants to help renovate a community garden.

One thousands plants – including shrubs, grasses and trees – were planted by a team of volunteers in Pegswood, Northumberland, on the grounds at the junction off Front Street and Longhirst Road.

The garden – which has been designed in collaboration with award-winning garden designer, Sean Murray, of Garden Narratives, and contractors PH Partnership – reflects the mining and brickworks heritage of the village.

The design includes 24 oak sleepers, reflecting the 24 fathoms depth of the first coal shaft that was sunk in the village, and the themed flowers will include iris coal seams and canary bird roses.

A retaining wall uses rubble from a number of old buildings in the village and there will be as many Pegswood bricks within the garden as possible.

Funding for the project was secured from numerous sources by Pegswood Parish Council.

Ellie Richardson, who was involved in organising the partnership for Johnsons of Whixley, said: “Johnsons has a proud history of supporting community projects and we’re proud to have been able to support the construction of a new community garden.

“We value the history and heritage of our own village, so it’s pleasing to be able to help another village pay homage to theirs through the supply of plants from our own hardy, high-quality stock.”

Pegswood Parish Council chairman, Paul Williams, said: “This is a project that we’ve been talking about for some time now.

“This community garden is intended to inform people of our history, while providing a great focal point for residents today and into the future.”

Johnsons of Whixley is a family-run horticultural nursery with roots tracing back almost 100 years. The business is today recognised as one of Europe’s largest commercial suppliers.