The release of the new 2020 Land Rover Defender has sparked a spike in interest in the Twisted Automotive range.

Since JLR unveiled the new model at Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, Twisted has seen a marked interest in enquiries for its re-engineered classic Defender.

The North Yorkshire based Defender specialist says the number of enquiries received has increased significantly – by around 50% – since the new model had been unveiled, while the waiting list for customers bringing their own vehicles for modification was at an all-time high.

When JLR ceased manufacture of the original Defender in January 2016, Twisted Automotive bought some of the final 240 vehicles to roll off the production line. Consequently, the business still has limited levels of stock to work on, in addition to the highest quality used Defender vehicles.

The demand for Twisted vehicles is not just national, but global. Earlier this year saw the launch of the NA arm of the business, Twisted North America, while by the second quarter of 2020, vehicles will be regularly exported to the UAE, said founder and MD Charles Fawcett.

“We are a remanufacturer, as opposed to a manufacturer,” said Fawcett, “so as long as there are core base vehicles we can modify, there will always be a strong business for Twisted. We have around 40 years’ worth of the highest quality Defender to choose from so for us, the future is extremely bright.

“The further we get away from the date when production ended, the more demand there is for the Classic vehicle. The waiting list of customers bringing their own vehicles to us is incredible.

“This has been compounded by the release of the new 2020 Defender. Finally, people are realising that this one is not designed to be anything like the original – they share a name but no DNA. There are customers for both the new model and the classic – both have a purpose, but people won’t be buying new to replace the original.

”Essentially, this takes the original Defender into classic car territory – and therefore increases its rarity and desirability.”

He added that the Twisted philosophy was to showcase and celebrate the key milestones in the history of the Defender: “When you own our Classic or V8, you become part of a niche family of history-makers. The rich heritage of the Defender has been highlighted by the fact that the new model is so different – it’s a superb vehicle in its own right, but it’s not the original. It’s brilliant that there’s more interest than ever now in this classic.”

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