Gemma Birbeck, account executive

We’d like to introduce to you Gemma, our new PR account executive, who has joined the team with a passion for client relations and social media engagement.

Hello! I’m Gemma – a self-taught photographer and PR enthusiast with a background in sports PR. I’m a little ditzy, and my friends often say I have no filter. I recently joined Faith as their PR account executive after leaving my previous role working within the fashion industry.

How are you finding your first job in the PR world?

I have been working towards this for a very long time so it feels great to be here. The variety of the role means every day is different and there is always something new to learn. It is rewarding to see clients succeeding and being able to be a part of their journey.

Did it meet your expectations?

Yes… and exceeded them!

Why did you decide to move from finance to PR?

After a few years of freelancing in the industry and working voluntarily, I decided it was time to take the risk and follow my dreams. I had been working in finance since leaving university as I’ve always been interested in numbers and spreadsheets, but it never really felt like I was on the right path. The minute I began freelancing in PR, I felt alive and that’s when I knew I had to do everything possible to make it into the industry. After turning 31-years-old in September, I realised I wasn’t getting any younger and that if I wanted to do it, I had to make the move sooner rather than later.

What is one of your all-time favourite PR campaigns?

The Dove campaign for real beauty. The ways they promoted that everyone was different was so refreshing to see.

What do you like about working at Faith PR so far?

Free cake, great office chat and a very welcoming team. On a serious note, there is always someone willing to help and the opportunities to learn new skills are endless.

Tell us about where you grew up

I grew up in a little village called Thackley. There were about three farms on our street, so everywhere you looked there would be a horse or sheep! We used to have a neighbour called Ted who would show me and my sister magic tricks with two pence pieces and matchsticks. Looking back now, they were terrible! I remember during the summer, my family and I used to sit out in the back garden and I’d always be writing whilst they chatted. I should have known then I was destined to work in PR.

What job would you be really bad at doing?

Probably anything to do with baking! I put so much effort into cakes and biscuits… but I’m yet to make my debut!

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know from your CV

My nickname is Bambi.

What would your autobiography be called?

All you need is tea

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

I’d be multi-coloured as it best sums up my personality and when you work in PR you often have to multi-task.