Kate Wobschall, PR account manager

Last week we welcomed Kate Wobschall to the team, joining as PR account manager, she was ready to hit the ground running in her new role

Hello! I’m Kate, PR account manager, former deputy editor and all-round grammar ninja. I was a journalist for many years, starting as a trainee reporter on the Batley News, becoming chief sub-editor then deputy editor before making the move into PR. When I’m not busy crafting press releases and features, for clients, the chances are I’m either riding, mucking out or grooming my two horses.

One week down, how did you find it?

I’ve loved every minute of this week! Especially meeting and talking to clients for the first time.

Were there any unexpected surprises?

I didn’t realise the Faith team included a four-legged member, Charlie! But every office should have a dog.

What are you most looking forward to?

Securing some amazing coverage for clients.

What is something we wouldn’t know about you from your CV?

I love animals and have two horses, a cat and a pair of tame crows who live at the stables, Alistair and Geraldine.

What job would you be really bad at?

Nursing. The blood, the guts, the endless patience required… Just no.

Any surprise talents?

I write my shopping lists in shorthand.

If you had an autobiography, what would it be called?

Back in the Saddle Again.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box, what colour would you be any why?

Mustard – it’s a bit spicy but can improve on anything!

What’s your spirit animal?

I’d have to say horse, or my two would never speak to me again!