Next up in our Meet the Team series is our newest recruit, account manager Jade Chadwick!

Joining Faith in this month as we move into our Leeds office, Jade has recently moved back to Leeds after 10 years on the other side of the Pennines.

With comms and content experience across sectors, including built environment and hygiene comms and a media production background, Jade can offer a breadth of expertise for clients.

What’s the most unusual or interesting hobby you have outside of work?

I’m a big comic book fan, which seems to catch people off guard! It’s not all superheroes like people think (although I do like a superhero comic as well) comic books and graphic novels nowadays offer lots of great stories and artwork.

But yes, before people ask, I have been to a comic con on two. No, I didn’t dress up, but I did meet Jason Momoa at Wrexham comic con once…

What is your favourite productivity hack or time management technique that helps you stay organised and focused? 

I’m a big fan of a checklist, so I’ll often have a digital one and a written one. It helps to break tasks down into lots of more achievable bite-size tasks.

If I’m having a particularly unfocused day, I also love using a ‘pomodoro technique’ timer which basically breaks your day up into 25 minute chunks of work and five minute breaks. It’s also good to have a reminder to take a little screen break!

What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

I love feeling like I’m a part of a client’s team and getting them a win. Knowing the client inside and out, predicting what they want and need, sometimes before they even realise it themselves, keeps things interesting and is great when it pays off.

How do you like to relax after a day at work?

I could lie, but honestly, sitting in silence on TikTok for a little while.

My commute home is also when I tick off my NYT games for the day (wordle, mini crossword, connections and strands – in that order obviously) which actually often annoys me more than it relaxes me.

Do you have any tips/hints on how to start the day on a positive note? 

Don’t do the NYT connections in the morning. If I do badly it really ruins my mood for the day.

What’s your favourite Friday night dinner? 

Fish and chips feels like the only correct answer here!

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Jade Chadwick Account Manager
At Faith, Jade manages a number of clients across both B2B and B2C industries, delivering media relations and multi-media content campaigns, as well as utilising her social media expertise.