Next in the Meet the Team series is PR Account Director, Nicola Dempster! 

Nicola has over 18 years of experience in marketing, communications and events, and worked as a BBC journalist before moving into the world of PR. She worked at London agencies for several years before returning home to Yorkshire and working for various high-profile clients at Leeds agencies, including Nestlé and Morrisons.  

At Faith, Nicola works across many of our key accounts, inputting into planning and strategy.  

What’s the most unusual or interesting hobby you have outside of work? 

Having been told, previously, I’m “a bit subversive” I probably shouldn’t say. 

What is your favourite productivity hack or time management technique that helps you stay organised and focused? 

If it would take as long to add it to my ‘to do list’ as to do it, I do it. If it needs some thought, I make sure I add it to my to do list, so I don’t forget… to do it. Simple, but usually foolproof. 

What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

Having a human, appreciative and pragmatic boss. 

How do you like to relax after a day at work? 

Go surfing and fish and chips around a campfire on a beach. However, as I actually live two hours’ drive from the coast, it’s usually something on iPlayer, while curled up under a blanket on the sofa. If I can still multi-task at that point, I might add TikTok into the mix. 

Do you have any tips/hints on how to start the day on a positive note? 

15 minutes on the (free from Facebook Marketplace) cross trainer while listening Lauren Laverne’s ‘Cloudbusting’ playlist on BBC Radio 6. Stops me wanting to go to my warm pit. 

What’s your favourite Friday night dinner? 

Can’t decide. Any episode in series two (of the Friday Night Dinner TV show, get it?). Turkey mince spag bol if not! 

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Nicola Dempster