Next along in our Meet the Team series, it’s Head of Digital, Tom Coates! 

Tom is a former journalist with 14 years of experience in digital PR and SEO. With experience in both in-house and agency roles, he’s delivered award-winning B2B PR campaigns, and become skilled in helping businesses grow their online presence through effective SEO techniques and strategies.  

As Head of Digital, Tom implements link-building strategies and coordinates digital marketing activities that drive more traffic to business’s websites. 

What’s the most unusual or interesting hobby you have outside of work? 

The most unusual or interesting hobby I have outside of work is working behind the scenes running my town’s rugby team. It’s time-consuming, but rewarding, and I get to put into practice a lot of the skills I’ve developed at Faith. 

What is your favourite productivity hack or time management technique that helps you stay organised and focused? 

My favourite productivity hack or time management technique that helps me stay organised and focused is plotting my ‘to do’ list in calendar. This quickly helps me to prioritise and allocate time to tasks, is easy to modify, and provides a quick digest of the working week at the start or end.   

What do you find most rewarding about your work? 

The area I find most rewarding about work is supporting people with big ideas in turning them into something more tangible. I think we should see ourselves as agents who empower our clients to put their products and services in front of the right people.   

How do you like to relax after a day at work? 

After work, I relax by spending time with my little boy, playing football or rugby, or a few quick video games before bedtime. 

Do you have any tips/hints on how to start the day on a positive note? 

My best tip on ensuring your day is positive is to not allow one negative element colour everything. Take time to reflect and respond to the negative, but don’t let it define your mood or actions for the remainder of your time at your desk.   

What’s your favourite Friday night dinner? 

My favourite Friday night dinner is pizza, closely followed by Nando’s (whose veggie options get better all the time!). 

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