Responding to the cancellation of the HS2 project, Martin Hathaway, managing director of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said:  

“Today’s announcement from the Prime Minister confirming the cancellation of the HS2 project is frustrating but not surprising.  

“The project has lacked any concrete decisions or true progress since its conception in 2009.  

“While HS2 as we know it will not go ahead, I am eager to hear how the Prime Minister plans to invest the same £36billion in transport projects in the north and the midlands.  

“This funding is vitally needed to ensure we can connect the Powerhouse that is Yorkshire to the wider nation and capital. As Mr Sunak rightly pointed out, we cannot reach our full potential of being economically successful and environmentally sustainable without modern, cheap and efficient high-speed rail and hugely expanded local bus services. 

“Connectivity is key and if the Prime Minister can deliver the much-needed electri-links across the Pennines, and stronger links between Huddersfield, Sheffield, Manchester and the rest of the country, progress will be made.  

“In his announcement, Mr Sunak declared he was ‘ending this long running saga’ but any more delays or unfulfilled promises about the north’s key infrastructure will only serve to extend the saga further. We need decisions and we need action. We need Government to take the north seriously and finally deliver an effective transport service that is truly national.”