Here at Faith Brand Communications, we rely on a variety of digital tools to help us deliver great work for our clients. Together, we’ve shared some of the industry-leading digital tools our team members use on a day-to-day basis —and I’m going to summarise them for you here! 

Tom’s tools 

Tom’s number one would-bring-to-a-desert-island digital tool is indisputably ChatGPT. If you haven’t already seen the magic worked by this tool, ChatGPT is an AI tool that can be a search engine, can generate written content or code, and can help you brainstorm social posts or outline ideas. This tool is an excellent resource for SEO optimisation, article outlines, and background data.  

Tom recommends using ChatGPT especially in the foundational stages of various projects, to help you save time, but urges you to remember that ChatGPT cannot apply creativity and critical thinking. To ensure whatever copy it produces has accuracy, relevance and objectivity, you need to apply a high-quality editorial process – something which copywriters, journalists and PRs apply naturally (being humans!). 

Beyond ChatGPT, he’s also a big fan of Ubersuggest. This is Tom’s go-to tool for SEO tracking, optimisation, and troubleshooting.  

Finally, he would recommend Photopea for his work as head of digital—a fantastic free tool for quick amends and work on PSD files without booting up the full Adobe suite.

Stef’s tools

Our founder and MD Stef has recently been looking into Frase, a tool used for writing SEO optimised blog content. It helps to identify the topics that your audience is searching for, generates related keywords, and creates content briefs that can help with content planning and ideation.  

Beyond what ChatGPT can do, several other AI tools have been popping up that focus solely on generating quality copy, such as Jasper, Chatsonic, and Neuroflash. Stef has been using the latter since before ChatGPT burst onto the scene and likes it because it’s specifically designed for marketing copywriting for both short- and long-form copy. It works in a very intuitive and efficient way. It is also highly customisable, with loads of templates to choose from, such as ‘H1 Website headline’ to ‘company vision’ to ‘listicle ideas’. 

Among other things, it offers assistance in summarising and rewriting texts. As a linguist, she also likes the fact that it can create text in German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, and Polish, which is useful if you’re working on multi-lingual accounts! As with ChatGPT, Stef points out that ultimately, any AI-generated content still requires human oversight and understanding to ensure that the generated copy resonates with your audience.

Jess’s tools

As a PR account manager for Faith, Jess is more than familiar with using Vuelio to search for journalists. It’s a great digital tool that brings up all the journalists talking about a specific project in one place. It also provides information about their pitching preferences, making it easier to build a rapport. 

Jess’s favourite website, followerwonk, also allows you to search people’s Twitter bios to find additional journalists working at newspapers and magazines that you may have missed in your PR lists. It helpfully takes you directly to their Twitter page, where you can see what they are talking about, which is more than essential when knowing which journalists you’re pitching to!

Abi’s tools

As our resident expert in all things e-marketing, Abi recommends Cloud Convert as a handy website to quickly convert file formats in a rush. One great overall tool she loves is Trello: Abi began using Trello last year to better communicate with a client, but now she finds it a really useful tool for her own to-do lists and keeping track of what she’s done that week and what is left to do! 

Finally, to support on her social media and e-marketing work, she recommends Emojipedia. This is a site that is very helpful to marketers quickly accessing all the emojis on a desktop. It comes in handy when drafting social schedules, and also shows how the emojis are displayed by different providers such Google, Apple, and Android.

Rhianne’s tools

Rhianne, as social media account exec and graphic design wiz, recommends InShot, a video editing app which allows you to easily cut, trim, and edit videos for TikTok. She loves just how easy all the features are to use! 

She also can’t understate the importance of Canva Pro to her work. This graphic design tool is great for creating animations and graphics. Rhianne recommends using the templates which are great for giving inspiration and layout ideas, and the elements that are useful for adding a range of features to your designs. It’s helpful for quickly and easily creating graphics to go with social media posts.

Katie’s tools

That’s me! One digital tool I use throughout the day, every day, just like the rest of the team, is Productive. This is our productivity tool that we use to keep track of how long we’ve spent on tasks. I love the timer feature on productive, because sometimes it makes me realise just how long I’ve spent on one task, and at the end of the week helps me look back on everything I’ve done, helping me keep track of what I’m making progress on. 

Another key digital tool I use, as a content writer with responsibility over social media for some of our clients, is Metricool. This platform allows me to easily schedule our social media content into the future, linking in with the key platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. 

Looking to use these tools?

As you can see, our team relies on a variety of digital tools to help us deliver the best work possible for our clients. From SEO optimisation to graphic design, these digital tools help us streamline our processes and make our work more efficient. 

If you’re thinking you’d like to get your hands on some of these digital tools for your business, why not get in touch with us? We have all the know-how, experience with and access to these digital tools to best utilise them for your business. 

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Katie Sessions Account Executive
At Faith, Katie is responsible for helping to manage client accounts and deliver communications plans, alongside continuing to craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences.