Twisted Automotive managing director Charles Fawcett has hailed the recent announcement from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) that they are to revive the Defender in celebration of the vehicle’s anniversary.

Since establishing the business in 2001, Fawcett has built Twisted into being the world’s leading Defender authority, specialising in re-engineering the original vehicle to the exacting requirements of customers from around the world.

Operating from their headquarters in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Twisted has kept the spirit of this British icon alive by improving the vehicle’s function, performance and overall aesthetic, while retaining the identity and heritage that helped enshrine the Defender in British motoring history.

Fawcett famously purchased 240 of the remaining stock off the production line, when JLR ceased production of the original Defender on 29th January 2016, and the business continued to receive the vehicles, as they were produced, for the next six months.

From humble beginnings in 2001, today Twisted employs 24 people and has an annual turnover of more than £8m.

JLR announced last Thursday that a limited run of 150 Defender would be produced, with each retailing from £150,000. The launch of the Defender Works V8 will mark Land Rover’s 70th anniversary year and is the first V8 Defender to leave the JLR plant in 20 years.

Since late 2012, Twisted has produced a Defender featuring a V8 engine and interest has grown since then.

In 2017, their technicians built a record 20 vehicles, each with their own re-engineered 6.2L LS3 Corvette engine.

Twisted Automotive founder and managing director, Charles Fawcett, said: “I’ve been aware of the reports that JLR were planning to revive the Defender, in one way or another, since 2014, and it’s fantastic to see those plans reach fruition and learn the full details.

“While it’s not a new vehicle, but in fact a 2012 conversion, it shows the distance JLR has gone in the two years since the end of production. And, having ourselves recognised a market for a V8 Defender six years ago, we’re delighted by the news.

“The success and growth we have enjoyed at Twisted, particularly during the last decade, has shown that there remains a demand for the Defender, and, as a lifelong fanatic of the vehicle myself, I will relish the opportunity to get behind the wheel of it.

“Furthermore, the announcement has helped put the vehicle back on the motoring news agenda, and the level of interest the announcement has generated shows that there’s an exciting future ahead for the Defender.”