Leading UK commercial nursery, Johnsons of Whixley, has made a splash in Lancashire – supplying thousands of plants for a £10 million coastal town project.

The wave reflection wall in Morecambe was officially opened last month (15th October) with new surfacing, seating and lighting, as a multi-million pound project to help to improve the flood defence of the town.

Large contractors, Ashlea Ltd, worked on the soft landscaping for the wave reflection wall and enlisted North Yorkshire nursery, Johnsons of Whixley, to supply shrubs and grasses.

Varieties including over 1,700 Pinus Mugo Mops (dwarf mountain pine), 400 Santolina incana, more than 600 cortaderia pumila (pampas grass), over 200 phormiums plants.

Ellie Richardson, marketing co-ordinator of Johnsons of Whixley, said: “It’s great to be involved in another great project with Ashlea Ltd. We look forward to seeing the plants mature in the coming years and are proud to have been part of an important development for the coastal town of Morecambe.”

Johnsons of Whixley, based between York and Harrogate, is one of the largest commercial nursery businesses in the UK and a trusted supplier of plants and trees to the amenity sector.