Yorkshire-based online food retailer Approved Food today launched its Brexit Box, offering savvy shoppers the chance to stock up on groceries from around the Continent at a bargain price.

For just £2.99, customers can snap up a box of store cupboard essentials from both the UK and across Europe, along with world food items that could cost more after Britain leaves the EU. The RRP of the contents is over £15.

As uncertainty over the Brexit process continues, consumers are concerned about both food price rises and availability.

Approved Food is offering families the chance to stock up on their favourites now to beat any post-Brexit shortages or tariffs.

Each box contains a range of 15 different food and drink items that originate from across Europe, such as fettuccine pasta, French mustard and mineral water and a white ale from Iceland, along with British favourites like baked beans and tea bags.

Approved Food director Andy Needham said: “People are understandably concerned about the impact Brexit will have on the price of their weekly food shop. And no wonder, when you consider that, according to DEFRA, 40% of the what we eat in the UK is imported, with 90% of those imports coming from the EU.

“We already offer bundles of store cupboard essentials such as noodles, soft drinks and gravy so it makes sense to tailor this to include some of our most popular products from around Europe.

“By planning ahead and shopping online, there’s no need to waste time heading to the supermarket if you need some Italian olive oil or Belgian chocolate only to find the shelves have run dry. We can help people prepare for all eventualities – and save money at the same time.”

Sheffield-based Approved Food is the UK’s largest exclusively online retailer of short-dated food and drink, with around 6,000 products on offer at any given time, ranging from groceries, confectionery, soft drinks, household goods, wines and spirits to beauty products and luxury gifts.

Since launching 10 years ago with just 50 items, Approved Food has significantly expanded the choice available. In the past decade, the company has processed more than 850,000 orders containing in excess of 60 million items, for a quarter of a million customers who, on average, save £66 on their weekly shop.

For more, please go to www.approvedfood.co.uk.