This month Faith celebrates its 15th birthday. To coincide with this milestone anniversary, we asked the team what their dreams and goals were at 15 and if they pictured themselves pursuing a career in PR and marketing.

Read on to see what everyone’s career aspirations were as teenagers!


“I didn’t even know PR existed as a career at that age but am so glad I ‘fell’ into it after graduating and finding a role in marketing. I love the fact that no day is the same!”
– Stef, MD/Founder

“When I was 15 I wanted to be an author or an actress as I loved stories! PR was not a career I was aware of at 15, but I love what I do!”
– Abi, Account Manager

“When I was 15, I wanted to be a rugby journalist and I was lucky enough to fulfil that ambition earlier in my career.”
– Tom, Account Director

“When I was 15, I wanted to pursue a career in music, as I played piano and guitar for almost 10 years. I never thought I would be in social media marketing, but I love my role as it allows me to still be creative.”
– Annace, Social Media Manager

“When I was 15 I wanted to be either an actress or a lawyer. I always loved being creative though, so I’m not surprised to have ended up in a creative industry.”
– Georgina, Junior PR Account Exec

“I never even considered working in marketing until recently, I love how creative it allows me to be!”
– Rhianne, Junior Social Media Exec

“I always pictured myself writing, so I’m not too far off now!”
– Katie, Content Writer

“I wanted to be a social worker and never imagined myself to be working in a office environment doing what I do now, however, looking back I can’t imagine myself being a social worker at all!”
– Beth, Office Administrator

“When I was 15, I wanted to pursue a career where I could speak other languages, such as an air hostess or working in a hotel abroad. I ended up in PR in between living in Spain and loved the sector so much that I never went back. I never pictured myself working in PR in England, I thought I’d be living in sunny Spain!
– Emily, Associate Account Director


What were your career goals and aspirations when you were age 15?
How did you end up where you are at now?

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