Overfinch, the world’s leading Range Rover enhancement specialist, is launching a special re-interpretation of the 2024 Range Rover to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon. 

‘The Dragon Edition’ is a limited edition of just eight carefully curated bespoke enhancement packages, each embodying the ultimate symbol of power and prosperity.  

The emblematic image of the zodiac dragon will be featured throughout the commemorative models, as part of a suite of unique detailing and design aspects. 

‘The Dragon Edition’ draws inspiration from the revered Chinese Dragon, seamlessly merging Chinese cultural richness with Overfinch’s unrelenting and pioneering spirit.  

The project has been a year in the making and stands as a remarkable testament to creative exploration for Overfinch, which has been modifying and redefining the iconic Range Rover for over four decades. 

Overfinch is the originator of Range Rover enhancements, with a pedigree that can be traced back to the mid-1970s, when the first Range Rover upgrades were created. Its aim has always been to sympathetically enhance the world’s best 4×4, which produces a ground-breaking blend of capability, luxury and individuality. 

Overfinch vehicles have distinguished themselves in a range of inspirational environments, from the desert dunes of the Paris-Dakar rally to the red carpet at glittering Hollywood premieres. 

This latest limited-edition is offered as a conversion program for existing Range Rover owners and is priced at US $250,000.  

Vehicle Specifications  

Interior Styling 

The Overfinch Dragon Edition has been developed exclusively for the 2024 Range Rover model, specifically SV and Autobiography derivates and is available to Range Rover owners worldwide. 

The Dragon theme comes to life through bespoke, multi-colored embroidery detailing, visually displayed in the leather and through hand-laid graphics in the veneers. Simultaneously, the gear selector features the Dragon’s talons, complemented by the Dragon inlay motif and limited-edition badging on the front center console. 

Each commission can be tailored to the clients’ exacting interior colorway. The example shown features an Overfinch fortune red and contrasting ebony color scheme, with a distinctive split coloring between the front and rear seats. 

Overfinch seat designs include perforated dragon-scale patterning, enhancing the visual and tactile aspects of the cabin. The Dragon theme is extended to illuminated treadplates on each door sill, with a numbered plaque emphasizing the theme and exclusivity of this limited curation of works. 


In addition to Overfinch’s carbon fiber styling for Range Rover, commemorative badging provides a distinctive finishing touch to the vehicle’s exterior. 

The Year of the Dragon Edition introduces the new Overfinch Vortex wheel, a 24″ wheel featuring the dragon emblem in the self-leveling center cap instead of the traditional Overfinch blade. 

Kevin Sloane, chairman and CEO of Overfinch commented: “The Dragon Edition raises the bar for bespoke, automotive luxury. It’s an incredible showcase of art and craftsmanship. This was a creatively ambitious project, conceived and executed to exacting standards.  

“Our ability to discuss details of the design directly with our clients, and really understand their true significance, was hugely important. Whilst paying homage to 2024 being the Year of the Dragon, we wanted to retain our commitment to uninhibited creative exploration. This required us to respectfully adopt a timeless symbol of China and Chinese culture into a considered and imaginative design.” 

For more details or to inquire about a bespoke commission, please visit https://www.overfinch.com/commission-your-overfinch/the-dragon-edition/