Yorkshire-based new venture BioScapes®, part of the Rolawn Group, is delighted to announce that two patents have been granted on its ground-breaking biodiversity units. The BioScapes product range is based on an innovative concept to house multiple species within one unit, to quickly boost biodiversity in any residential, educational, community or commercial setting.

The patents granted, GB 2588793 and GB 2577671, relate to the unique integrated habitats that exist in each of the BioScapes units and this can now be followed by an application for international protection for the products.

Ken Brewster, BioScapes Marketing Director, said: “This is an exciting progression for the business. It provides recognition that these are genuinely innovative products with a quality which has been deemed worthy of protection. I hope it will give consumers a further level of confidence in what they are purchasing.”

The units, which include the WildPod®, NatureArk® and BioCube®, have been developed by in-house horticulture specialists, working with ecology experts, to provide a haven for wildlife.

Each one combines multiple habitats, suited to a range of species, which are integrated in such a way as to support interaction between the species that mimics their natural behaviour patterns. The result being a self-contained eco-system that makes a tangible and positive contribution to biodiversity restoration.

Launched in 2021, the products have quickly been adopted by leading housing developers Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon Homes to help meet the ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’ requirements being introduced in the UK, with trials delivering a 10-fold increase in invertebrates and a 3-fold increase in amphibian species.

In addition, the newest addition to the range, the WildPod® is now a registered design. This means that all three products WildPod®, NatureArk® and BioCube® are registered designs.