At some point we’ll all have come across a publicity stunt or campaign on the commute to work, out shopping, or browsing our social media feeds. Publicity stunts are planned events, normally used by more well-known brands, designed to attract the public and media’s attention to a brand or cause.

Public relations campaigns are also a great way to showcase your brand and can work for smaller businesses. They involve a series of activities that are planned in advance and relate to a specific business objective.

It’s important for PR agencies and brands to make a strong connection between the brand and the stunt or campaign in order for it to be memorable. After all, PR is all about telling the story of your brand and if you’re doing something completely off-brand you could be at risk of a PR flop.


The polar bear on the tube to promote Sky Atlantic aimed to create an intriguing spectacle to drive excitement around their hotly-anticipated arctic crime drama ‘Fortitude’. The stunt achieved lots of national press coverage and definitely got people talking on social media.

Another animal-themed stunt that caught our eye was ‘Horse in a Suit’ by William Hill, staged to celebrate the 2016 Cheltenham Festival – a landmark in the racing calendar. Fronted by jockey Anthony McCoy, the three piece suit modelled by race horse Morestead was designed by Emma Sandham-King, a former apprentice of Alexander McQueen – a good example of using well-known names to drive interest in a brand or product.

English Heritage ‘Kid’s Takeover’ also tops our list. The campaign positioned its sites as must-visit destinations for families and even involved appointing English Heritage’s first child executive officer, with more than 500 children applying for the role.

The campaign was publicised at 110 English Heritage sites and featured across all owned channels, with 81 pieces of media coverage. English Heritage saw a 21 per cent uplift in family visits and 37 per cent increase over the campaign period compared with the same time last year.

What’s your favourite campaign from the past year?

Here at Faith our launches, PR stunts and campaigns will help put your brand and product out there and create a compelling message that really makes people sit up and take notice. Take a look at some of our most recent campaigns including ‘Turtle bay comes to Huddersfield’ which has recently been shortlisted for ‘Best Event, Launch or Stunt of the Year’ in the 2016 PRCA Dare Awards and ‘Showcasing entrepreneurial Yorkshire’, also shortlisted for a CIPR award in 2015.