2020 was a year filled with negative news. The pandemic, Brexit and the US elections dominated the UK news agenda, leading to many of us feeling deflated by the constant stream of negativity.

This trend seems to have continued into this year; however, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom so far in 2021 – there are positive news stories that cheered up the Faith PR team.

Which is why on Blue Monday – supposedly the most depressing day of the year – we wanted to share our favourite positive news stories so far from 2021, to help boost our moods and to encourage others to look for positive things happening this year.

We are reading more

New research has found that 35% of us are now reading more books than usual, with all our free time in lockdown 3.0.

All of this extra reading has seen 50 new independent book shops open their doors during the pandemic, which has seen Booksellers Association announce that its membership has grown to 967 bookshops in the UK and Ireland – the highest number since 2013.

Launch of the Terra Carta

The Prince of Wales has launched the Terra Carta (Earth charter), that aims to safeguard and protect the planet by putting sustainability at the heart of the private sector. HRH has called on businesses to sign up to the charter, that offers them a roadmap to becoming more sustainable.

Record numbers for Veganuary

A record half a million people signed up to take part in Veganuary, a January campaign to encourage people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. This year has seen major UK supermarkets support the initiative, which is good news for vegetarians and vegans as supermarkets improve the selection of meat-free product ranges.

Dedicated register of UK tradeswomen launches

The National Register of Tradeswomen has launched as a non-profit organisation, aiming to create a national register of UK tradeswomen, allowing vulnerable householders who feel safer dealing with women are able to find them. The register launches in March and will include a digger operator in Yorkshire, a tree surgeon in the Midlands and a stonemason in Scotland.