Should your business be posting on social media during a pandemic?
What content should be used during a pandemic?
Do people care what a business has to say during a pandemic?

You won’t find one person who hasn’t been affected by the coronavirus outbreak; the harsh reality is that hundreds of people are dying every day, people are losing their jobs and livelihoods as businesses buckle and we are yet to hit the peak of this pandemic.

When all of this is going on around us, it can seem senseless to simply post on social media – but the real debate shouldn’t be whether you are or not, it should be the content you chose to post.

What we should post on social media according to research

A survey of more than 35,000 consumers globally by Kantar found that 78% of consumers believe brands should help them in their daily lives, and 75% feel brands should inform people of what they’re doing to help.

Almost three quarters, unsurprisingly, think companies should not exploit the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if this number was higher should the general population be surveyed, as even the Government is being pushed to come down on those looking to profiteer during the current crisis.

As we would expect with PR, we need companies to be transparent on social media with their communications and be clear in what they are doing during these challenging times.

45% of consumers want to see companies putting into place plans to protect the supply of products or services.

What you can be doing on social media during a pandemic

It’s time to adapt to change and adjust your tone and messaging, focusing on values, not sales. For example, reduce the promotional content and instead try and publish educational content. There is a fine line between ‘adapting’ and altogether ‘changing’ the way you communicate – your business must stay true to its brand values while being sensitive to the economic environment.

Some examples on what you could post:

  • How is the company putting the welfare of its employees first? Lead by example
  • Are you providing your services for free? Help those who need it
  • Do you have expertise that’s not easily found online? Connect with people who require it
  • Is your business going the extra mile? Inspire others around you
  • Don’t hold back from expressing sincere feelings. Be honest with your followers
  • Thank those helping you through these challenging times; customers, employees and more

Put your focus on something that will interest your audience, but don’t stop communicating with them altogether. This will pass one day, and silence is hard to recover from.