The world of PR stretches far beyond press releases and journalist enquiries. Whether you’re looking to build your reputation, increase your brand reach, or manage a crisis, being able to meticulously navigate a wide range of PR practices is an invaluable skill – and it’s always useful to look for advice. 

Our expert team here at Faith have been coming up with some useful PR tips, to help anyone looking to appoint an agency and get started on their PR journey!

Stef, Director: “When appointing a PR agency there are two crucial things to consider at the outset – are you willing to put the work in, and will you trust that your chosen PR professional knows what they are doing? PR is a two-way street – trust between both parties is essential for success and it requires you to constantly communicate with your agency and feed them updates and information.  

“When clients entrust us with transparent communication and access to resources, it forms the foundation of a productive partnership, allowing us to craft compelling narratives, engage audiences authentically, and achieve impactful results, as well as being able to successfully navigate challenges together. 

“Our job is to build your profile and manage your reputation, but we aren’t psychic. Think about whether you’ll have time to provide info and quotes for articles, photos etc. and sign things off in a timely manner. It’s crucial to be transparent right from the start about the resources available for pitching, and what you are comfortable talking to the media about rather than attempting to switch things up later.  

“The media landscape can move very quickly and journalists can get frustrated waiting on the correct information and quotes. On the flipside of that is, that understanding that PR isn’t a quick fix marketing solution. It doesn’t always equate to an instant increase in sales or bookings. PR is a slow, drip feed; the effect of regular media communication will eventually get your company noticed.  

“I would always recommend sticking with PR for the long term to really see the benefits and our underlining goal is to form a long-term partnership with clients, working towards mutual prosperity, rather than having the engagement perceived as one-sided.” 

Abi, Account Manager: “My top tip for those considering working with an agency would be to really allow that agency to become a part of your world. Being able to live and breathe your brand allows us to tell the most compelling stories that truly show your values as a business.  

“Tell us everything about your business, your history, your team, and your ethos, and really involve us with what you do. We might even spot something newsworthy that hasn’t been considered before.” 

Katie, Account Executive: “Always consider all the avenues – from media relations, to influencer relations, to utilising social media; try to avoid thinking too narrowly about how to get your message out there. 

“Don’t assume you’ll get coverage, but the stories that do get coverage may surprise you! Importantly don’t give up – rethinking the angle you want to take can be enough to get new interest in an otherwise untouched story.” 

Jade, Account Manager: “Make the journalist’s job as easy as possible – provide all information and content they might need up front. Also, do your research – make sure you know what audience you’re talking to, and what your audience might want to see. 

“Success is measured in many different ways, so make sure you know what success looks like for the campaign, and how to measure it.” 

Do you need dedicated, expert PR advice for your business? Get in touch with us at Faith. 

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Ellie Howorth
After starting a music blog over five years ago, Ellie pursued her passion and completed a degree in Music Journalism at the University of Huddersfield in 2022, before joining the Faith team in October 2023. As Junior Account Executive, Ellie is a crucial resource to the team and creates a variety of content from press releases and blogs tosocial media posts for clients and Faith’s own channels. She also helps with media list building and distribution as well as other research-oriented tasks, whether it’s finding relevant awards schemes or compiling forward features lists.