Our work placement student Gabby Holdsworth from Leeds Beckett University shares what her first experience of working in a PR agency has been like.

Before I started working for a PR agency, I had a million questions running through my mind. What will it be like? Will it be different from an in-house PR firm? And most of all, will I even like it?  All these questions and many more, but I was excited to find out the answers.

My expectations of joining a PR agency were that it would be a busy, manic environment – it is, but it’s very organised and it’s thrilling to be a part of a hard-working team.  It is great to work on different projects which call upon a wide range of skills. Whilst interning for an agency, you get to work with a range of clients who have completely different products/services, targets and objectives. This is one of my favourite parts of being at a PR agency, as your day varies depending on what client you’re working on.

Working for a PR agency is a great opportunity to get first-hand experience of the PR world and how it works. Many people believe that the role of a PR professional is to socialise and go to nice events – but this is just the occasional added bonus. There is a lot of strategic planning, organising and hard work that goes into working with a brand to build and manage their reputation.

There will always be a huge debate on whether working in-house is better than at an agency. However, whilst spending time at a PR agency, I have found it to be extremely interesting and challenging in such a great way.

One thing that I have learnt whilst working at a PR agency is that you are allowed to be creative and that you can look for new and exciting ways to connect with an audience; all of which I have found to be incredibly interesting and rewarding.