Following on from our recent blog post of what the Faith PR team are reading and watching to during the latest lockdown, we wanted to share our podcast recommendations.

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to podcasts – there is something to cover all interests and client sectors. We have rounded up our current favourite podcast recommendations:


In work hours: either Paul Sutton’s Digital Download podcast about topics affecting the comms industry or The Agency Accelerator podcast.

Out of hours: in my spare time I have recently been enjoying Grounded with Louis Theroux, I’m a big fan of his documentaries, so was happy to hear he launched a podcast. He manages to secure high-profile guests and isn’t afraid to ask the difficult questions.


Out of hours: I’m not a big podcast listener these days, I preferred to listen to them when I was travelling on the train, or on a long drive in the pre-coronavirus days! However, there are a couple that have stuck with me.

One of my all-time favourites is ‘This Podcast Will Kill You’, it’s all about diseases throughout history. This would not usually be my cup of tea, but I stumbled across it by chance and have found it really interesting!

Another podcast that I would recommend if you fancy a laugh (and are over the age of 18) is ‘My Dad Wrote a Porno’. Director and actor Jamie Morton is joined by producer James Cooper and former Radio 1 presenter Alice Levine for this podcast, it really is hilarious!


In work hours: one of my go-to PR related podcasts is #FuturePRoof, hosted by Stephen Waddington and Sarah Hall, they discuss a range of topics that impact our industry and how we deliver PR. Stephen and Sarah are leaders in the industry and as PR professionals it’s important to keep our finger on the pulse and that is exactly what this podcast delivers – topical industry news and discussions.

Out of hours: I’m not a huge podcast listener in my spare time, but if a friend suggests one, I always give it a go. I recently listened to Life Will Be the Death of Me, which is hosted by US comedian Chelsea Handler. The podcast is hilarious and inappropriate (not one for under 18s), Chelsea has a range of guests on each episode and discusses everything from grief, meditation, love and politics – no stone is left unturned.


In work hours: I’m not a massive podcast fan in my spare time. However, there are some many useful and relevant podcasts for the social media industry! During the working day I listen to The Science of Social Medi‪a, which is run by the Buffer, and they discuss and answer questions on social media strategies for businesses and offer advice on how brands can grow and sell via social media.

Another great podcast for social media is The Social Media Marketing Talk Show, hosted by Michael Stelzner, the show shares the latest news from the social media marketing world.


In work hours: The Impact Sessions hosted by Nick Bramley are in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve made it in their own particular field. Nick has a way of encouraging guests to open up and reveal the reasons behind why they made their biggest decisions.

Out of hours: Connemara Pony Tales series has some fascinating discussions for anyone who’s interested in native ponies – a bit niche, admittedly, but they’ve been great to listen to while the weather has been too foul to do any actual horse riding.


In work hours: I have recently stumbled across the BBC Gardeners World podcast while doing research for our client Johnsons of Whixley and I really enjoyed listening to the episodes. Experts from the gardening world offer hints and tips on how to maintain and grow your flowers, plants and vegetables – its just a wholesome podcast, something that is certainly needed in the pandemic.

Out of hours: Like Stefanie, I am also a huge fan of Grounded with Louis Theroux. I have been watching his documentaries for years and a podcast seems like a natural step for Louis. He books interesting guests and I hope he continues with the podcast long after the pandemic.